Friday, December 29, 2006


Came across this book at Ah Teng's place, well, eye catching and about MONEY. I know, I've not been managing my money well, thanks for reminding me. So I borrowed the book and read it yesterday.
Surprisingly it's not as interesting as I expected. Well, some chapters are interesting, such as hire-purchase, credit cards and housing loans. It teaches on the pros and cons of obtaining finance from the bank from these 3 items. Of course it's entirely depending on your financial stand/income range. The rest of them are sort of "general understanding" in managing money. I finished reading the book in a day, of course skipping some pages / chapters that are not applicable to me.
Hmmm, so, what should I read next? Investment? Unit trust? Planning to make a serious investment on my own, but of course I need info/knowledge on how & what to invest. Need to be wise.
Besides books on money, my mom keep giving me some Christian books she read. But somehow I don't have that sense of urge to read those. I know it is good & important for me to learn and understand more bout Christianity. (leadership, spiritual warfare, spiritual growth, etc) My mom has more than a hundred books on CHRISTIANITY, do you believe that?! I think i can start to rent out these book to public, at 50 cents a day per book? Money minded guy already huh?! I sense I'll be getting some scoldings later for saying this, hahahahaha. I'm serious, my mom really has a lot, she has a small shelf full of these books. Some are interesting to read, but.......I know whatever reasons I say are LAME, I'll try to make a point to read one soon, heh.

The book I read. A bit too simple for me. Maybe you can try to read, for those younger people especially. If u want to borrow, ask Ah Teng.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Yup, as the title says so, I'm now on my annual leave for 4 days, that means I'll be on holiday till 2nd January 2007, and I'll start working on the 3rd, NICE!!!! Well, been relaxing at home and do bit of stuff with Ah Teng, he's also on leave, hahahahah, finally got a fren that I can hang out with for this holiday. Went for basketball games in the evening to workout, burn up my whole week's calories that I accumulated, hahahahah. Hope to able to play badminton tomorrow, need to get permission. If not then stick to basketball.
After dinner, me and my bro went to nearby grocery store to get DURIANS!! Yeah we saw a stall selling durians on the way home from basketball game. So we decided to check it out see if they have any good stuff to satisfy our cravings. It's been, I think almost a year since I last ate durian. We bought 3 biji. It was good, 2 bitter sweet and 1 milky sweet. Give you a tip to get good durian. Ask the seller to open it for us to see the inside to make sure that they are ripe before we buy. If it's not ripe we won't accept. Surely they have to accept this deal or else I won't buy. It's a win win situation. They should be able to pick the ripe ones, they are seller what. The price? Rm6 / kg. But the durians are good, so worth to eat, once a while. (who knows tomorrow I'll go back there and buy some again, hahahaha)

The durians.

Nice and soft, hahaha


BUUUUURRRPP!!!!! (oopss)

The Christmas Day was a good day for me. Even though it was a busy day, but at the end of the day, it was worth it. Woke up at 8am coz need to roast the turkey. Not only one turkey, but 2 turkeys!! Ah Teng and I volunteered to do it. We marinated the turkeys on Christmas Eve afternoon and left them in the fridge overnite, so that the sauces and herbs are absorbed by the turkey meat.
After the turkey, we did the potatoes. We had too many potatoes that we did 3 dishes out of it, hahahah. 1st was the mash potatoes, then potatoes baked in whip cream and milk(forgot the exact name of this dish, but it was GOOD), and the baked dry potatoes, hahahahha.
Later in the early evening bout 5pm i had to be in church for the Chinese Service Christmas Celebration. I was involved in a sketch. Why was I involved? hmmm.....long story. Spend me over cup of ice blended coffee and I'll tell you, wahahahaha. The sketch was ok, I got this big cheers from the crowds, dun wanna talk bout it here, a bit embarrassing, and long story too. After the sketch I straight away left and went home to continue preparing for the Christmas dinner.
We had 8 guests (that are not attending COHS) that came and had dinner with us. It was a great dinner, I think and hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I invited 3 colleagues and they came, not empty handed. They brought a bottle CHIVAS whiskey for me! I was bit surprised, but it's rude to decline their gifts rite. So I consider the gift as my CG's as the dinner was my CG's effort.
Then after the dinner, and when the guests left, some of us stay on, and we played PICTIONARY. (google yourself if u dunno what is that) It was fun and hilarious!! Something I need to relax my self and be entertained after all the hard works. We were laughing so hard coz some of us can be so creative in drawing something that we can't really guess what he/she is trying to say, hahahhah. It was fun though. Lord I thank you for your blessings to me and my cell members in making your birthday known to people. Happy birthday Lord Jesus!!

Turkey marinated overnite.

Baked in the oven for about 3 and half hrs.

Isn't it beautiful??!!

All the food on the table, ready to be served!!!

Another specialty, Pork sausages in apple sauce, very nice, prepared by Caressa.

Monday, December 25, 2006


Yesterday was Christmas Eve, and COHS was having an English Christmas Eve service at 10pm. So surely everyone have to dress at their best for the Lord. For me, I don't have new clothes, but still I wear my best shirt and pants for the nite. The only new thing I got is, me new Spectacles! I got the spec last Wed. but I planned to start wearing them last nite. Well, it sorta got a bit of attentions from friends around coz having this new spec with a little twist of new style. So far the comments I got was favourable. (heh).

The service was good. It's been a long time since I see Christina Yeo danced. Last nite she danced with a group of youths during the opening service. The dance was good and eye catching as the dancers doing some cool steps and dances, something new for the COHS. For me that's the highlight of the event. (will post their pics later) The church was packed with people, the regulars, non-regulars and also 1st timers.

After the service, was bout 12am already. So me and my cell members, and a few other friends went to Ah Teng's place for supper, and "secret Angel" gift exchange!!! My cell members were excited about the gifts they were going to get, guessing what will they get and from whom. It was fun, hilarious and enjoyable exchanging gifts, with new twist, to guess who bought the gifts they ordered. (will posts the pics soon) For me, Ivy bought the gifts for me, got a tooth brush, candy and Nike Socks, just as what I had ordered, hehehe. I bought Alfie a drum stick bag, which is one of the list he wants. Reason I chosen the bag over the others is because I'm looking forward to play in church band with him someday soon, hehehehe. Our supper was porridge, teow chew style. Why porridge? Well I guess because we'll be having big feast at dinner later on Christmas Day, so we be kind to our tummy for a while, hehe.

Me new glasses

Me wearing me new glasses

The starting event of the service, the dance by the youth and Christina Yeo (can u see her?)

The 3 enjoying themselves. hehehehe

Yay! Free gifts!! Decorated candles given away to all who attended the Christmas eve celebration, even youths and children.

Me and Jack, glad that the service ended Joyously,..."phew"!

After the service, straight to Ah Teng's place, for Secret Angel present exchange. Look at all of us holding our gifts!

Me showing off the gifts that I got.

Ding's turn. He got a RED shirt.

Ah Teng got himself a WHITE shirt.

This is me 2nd presents for Christmas: tooth brush, candy & Nike Sox.

Me helping our to prepare the porridge. Yummy!!
Home blessing

Last Saturday was one of the busiest day in preparing for Christmas. In the morning started the day by doing shopping with cell members for the Christmas day dinner, we bought 2 turkeys for our dinner and 2 kg of PORK sausages. Sounds expensive rite? hehe. Then band practices for Sunday worship and Christmas eve's service.

Then in the evening, Christina Yeo invited me, the cell members, church staffs and close friends for her home blessing ceremony. And I'm appointed by Christina do conduct the home blessing progression. Pressure man. Even Rev. David and wife was there. Booklet was provided as a guide. So I have no choice but to conduct the event. Her apartment is nice (will post more pics later). Everything went well. Maybe a little bit too quick, tried to end the ceremony and prayers asap as it was the 1st time that I conducted such an event. Will learn and improve from this good experience. After the ceremony, wat else, "makan" time!! After the dinner, Christina served us dessert, CENDOL. It was GOOD!!! Next time will ask her to serve us that again, hehe.

Food served!!!

Christina prepared her specialty, "CENDOL"


Last Friday nite, me and my cell group went out for caroling. We visited 3 houses, but 2 of these were on cell members' home, bu had never visited their house for carols before. 1st hse was an old couple from England. They were introduced by Nellie. They have been in Labuan for about 5 weeks, and they plan to settle here long term. They are friendly and welcoming.

2nd house were Ah Teng's hse at Lazenda Villa 5 there. After the singing and blessings, he and Peggie served "tang yuen", my 2nd portion for that day. They served them with red beans, something new to me, and it's nice.

3rd and the last house were Mr and Mrs Alfie Liau's place. They too served us "tang yuen", my 3rd portion, which was nice too. Infused with ginger.

My cell members singing with JOY and happiness (the dog "Joy" was there too, heh)

The hosts singing happily........

Me and Theodore leading the carols. (heh)

Friday, December 22, 2006

My 1st portion of 'thang yuan'

Today is a chinese occasion called 'tong tau'. I have yet to find out or i forgot the meaning of this occasion. My colleague was kind enough to bring them for us to enjoy. It's not much, but it's good. Thanks Ms. Ang!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

My first Christmas present

Today in my office, me and my colleagues were having this Christmas present exchange day. only 8 of us interested in this present exchange thingy. Why we had it today? Coz tomorrow some of us started their annual leave. when we came into the office early morning, we gathered our presents and hid them behind some client's files, so that other's who are not joining this gift exchange won't notice them, don't wanna make them left out, hehe. I bought a mini JENGA game, hope u know that game. It's a stacks of wooden puzzles that each one of us will take turn to take each of them out of the puzzle one by one and stack it up. The person who drops the whole puzzle looses.


Each of us drew lots to see who got who's gift.

The owner of the gift presented the gift to the drawer.

This is the gift that I got. I think it's the heaviest among all the gifts. Wanna know what's inside? scroll down.

All of us unwrapped our gifts that we got. All of us were so excited!
This is my gift. Picture frame and a couple of tea cups with saucers and spoons. Looks cool. What do u expect from a RM15 budgeted gifts? (hehehe)

New hairdo

That evening, straight after my work, me and my bro planned for a new hairdo. Well, coloured our hair to be precise. Me and my bro dyed our hair RED. Not bright red, It was the 1st time that me and my bro did our hair at the saloon. A bit costly, well, there's 1st for everything! We went to our regular hair dresser in FP, and well, he did quite a good job. Both of us are satisfied with the results. Wanna see our hair? U'll see them when you see them. (heh)
My hair-dresser working on my hair.
After the coloring, they put this round turning thingy to heat up my hair. I guess it's a way to make the coloring process faster and effective.
My bro, excited bout it. (heh)
After the long hairdo, we went for dinner, with my sis and Siew May. This was what I had, ABC rice, YUM!!
Dream DREAMS- of gold dusts!!

Last nite's prophetic seminar was good and had a big impact to my life. It's about living up to your dreams. Dr. Paul Ang said that God gives us dream even when we were young. But are we able to live up our dream? I once had big dreams for my life, but since teenage days, I stopped dreaming and wondered around. Now it's time for me to dream again, as it can be a catalyst for my life. Lord Jesus, guide me in my dreams, that I can be mighty tool for you. Mould me again, that I can be more like you. Let me move on from my past failures and the start believe in You wholeheartedly, so that I may face successes, all in Your name, AMEN!!

Talk by Dr. Paul Ang....

Everybody paid full attention, awesome and powerful message.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


The prophetic seminar was good. A big hit to my heart. Need to always think the positive side despite my weaknesses that I have and that bothers me. Jesus looks at the potential, not the weaknesses. I too need to see the people the way Jesus did, both fellow Christians and non-believers.

After the seminar, hunger sets in, so we headed off to "Island" or "ai-ren" to get a bite. They have this "curry - kon lo mee", reminds me of the food I had when I was studying in Inti College, Nilai. One of the stall in the cafeteria serves good curry kon lo mee, which the meat were wild boar. But in Island was chicken meat. It's ok, but cannot beat the ones I had in my old college.

This afternoon after lunch with fellow church friends, went back to office, and one of my colleagues offered me a lollipop. It was a Chupa Chups XXL with chewing gums inside! As far as I know, I think this is the 1st time I had a candy that BIG, really XXL! I was wondering how to enjoy this big lollipop. It was strawberry flavour, which it tasted very strong and sweet. It took me almost one and half hour to finish it and then spend bit more time in chewing the gum.
The candy was ok, but I don't really like the gum, doesn't taste good, have this bitter taste, maybe the rubber thingy. The smell of that flavour really strong, some colleagues walked past by me while i was enjoying the candy and they paused and asked where this strawberry smell came from, and I took out my candy and showed it to them "nah, from here", hahahaha.

The look of it in my side cheek. If I do this all the time, I'm sure I'll look like chipmunk/hamster with baggy cheeks, hahaha!

Having hard time trying to finish the candy.


Last nite went to church to help in wrapping candles, for the congregation as Christmas gift. Have to wrap about 1000 pcs!! But I was late to reach there to help. Supposedly I planned to skip it, but one of my cell member really good in making me guilty, in the end I go and help them. (heh) Ah Teng! I'll remember U!!

Look at them busy gluing and wrapping the gifts.

Sample of the candles. Quite nice as a gift,...don't u think so? I'm proud my cell members willingly helped to wrap these gifts,..heheh.....showing the spirit of Christmas!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Last nite had bbq dinner, for my bro and his friends visiting Labuan. We woke up at 6.30am to go to PASAR to buy some stuff for the bbq. Been quite a long time since I went to the market. I remember I used to go there often with my mom when I was in primary school. She does the buying and I'm the "trolley", hahaaha. But I do learn some tips on how to buy good and fresh food. So yesterday I do the buying and my bro and Siew May were the "trolleys", hahaha.

After the shopping at the market, we went for breakfast. Had nasi lemak at a stall in Sea Sports Complex. That stall is famous for this dish. A bit pricey though, but the food was good. Been a long time since i visited that stall.

Lamb chop!! I do the marinating and my bro did the dirty work, mixing them up!!! The lamb was good, really exceed my expectation, everybody loved it. (I got the recipe from the Internet, that's why it's good, heh)

Squid!! And again, i din do the dirty work, just do the marinate. hahaha.

Small squids.

Dinner was good, I think everybody enjoyed it and also the fellowship. Farid is back in town. Glad to see him again with his family. His daughter grown up, look more like him, (hopefully not a joker like him, heh) Will catch up with u soon man!!!

This coming week will be a SUPER busy week. Need the LORD'S strength!! My cell group's carolling, prophetic nite, a cell member's home blessing, band practices for this coming Christmas(including sketch rehearsal), and Christmas cell group harvest dinner. Dear Lord, bless me, my cell members and everybody who are involved in these coming events. Give them strength and encouragement to serve You with JOY and PEACE! AMEN!!!