Saturday, April 04, 2009

KL Trip plan (17-26/04/09)

Yes, as the title above said, I'm going to KL very soon, purely leisure only. At the same time my bro (Ivan) finished his diploma, so good time to crash his place and enjoy life. So what's my plan in KL? Well.......

I got some places I wanna go.....

1 Utama

The Curve

Most importantly, Lowyat Plaza.

Will crash at a friend's place in Wangsa Maju, in the same time revisit my root, TAR College, now converted to a Unitversity. My 1st college that I studied when I 1st come to KL. A fren of mine wanna go Melaka. So,(fingers-crossed) we'll make the trip.

Things I'm gonna do......

Indoor Archery

Bowling & Movies & Karaoke???

And a lot of walking

Things I wanna buy....

IT stuff

Clothing and other apparels

And FOOD to eat......

Local Malaysian food

Western offers

Asian cuisines


Especially on food, I have no particular plan where to eat yet, but you all can play a part in suggesting some good place for me to eat during my trip in KL. I will be in Subang Jaya, KL city and Wangsa Maju. Do leave a suggestion in comment box or the chat box on the right and I'll list them in this post from time to time. Do tell me the name of the establishment, type of food, and address. Thanks in advance dear readers.