Monday, June 09, 2008

Sunday (8/6)

COHS Family Day promo

Yesterday the church showed a video clip that me and some frens took for the purpose of promoting the COHS Family Day - Amazing Race. It was a bit funny, I guess, hahahah. So I uploaded to youtube and let u have a look. What do you think? Not bad for 1st timer kua, Gary was the director for the clip and Kah Seng doing the video editing. Not those high quality editing la, but still okok for beginners, hehehe.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Saturday (7/6)

There was a wedding ceremony at COHS, Clament Chua and Marie Chin. I know Clament, not that close though. I was playing bass guitar for the ceremony. The church was PACKED, for sure it was a good thing. One thing amaze me was Clament's newly wife. She was so happy go lucky type, smile, soft laugh and also do bit of funny gestures during the CEREMONY itself. I giggled a few times, beh tahan.....

Before the ceremony

View of the front sanctuary.

Another view

Picture taking session after the ceremony. It was ok. Lunch provided was good too. Then went home for quick rest before band practice for Sunday service. Evening had badminton.

After long day, super tired!! But time well spent for me, hahaha. So I rewarded myself with a bottle of BEER

I like Chang beer, it is different with other brand. I like Heineken too, but a bit pricey now oh. Chang beer only RM3. Heineken RM4++ oh......sigh. See....price hike again, how to enjoy life like this? Not often that I drink beer also ler.
Friday (5/6)

Went for some pool games with Vinod and Ling Ling. Been long time since a played pool / snooker. I've started taking up snooker since I was in Form 2 I think. I know I was young la. Playing snooker at that time was like a crime!! only Adults 18 and above can play. But me and my friends really liked to play snooker. I got hooked on snooker until I play almost everyday (except weekends) after school. Gila right. We tried to find a good spot where nobody can see us, as if we're doing bad things, coz that time people thought snooker place was a bad place or something. But now, everybody can play, hahahah. The trends really changed. People are more open minded, damn.....

Went to this Pool House near Milimewah. The place is good, service is good. Open air, so means we won't really get stink of the cigarette smell after a couple of pool games there. Environment is good too, something new, RED light. Not Red light district ah, hahahaha.

People enjoying themselves

Wah, Ling Ling ada gaya, hahahahah. I enjoyed the pool games with Vinod. Made quite a few fluke shots too, really fluke, hahahah. Vinod wanna buy a pool table for his home, anyone got any contacts? Do let me know, thanks! hahaha.
Wednesday (4/6)

I got the news saying that Thursday midnite will increase petrol to RM2.70/litre!! Wat the....... 78 sens increase!!!! 40% increase!!! Really starting feel the pressure of the price hike of all types of stuff, especially petrol. Food prices have been increasing over some period. Sigh. According to my calculation, if I were to stay my fuel consumption pattern, I will have to fork out extra about RM80/month!! You may think it's a small amount, but it's actually quite a big sum for me.

When I got the news, and it's confirmed, straight away I go to petrol station to fill up my car. Yeah, guess I'm just a typical Malaysians. And also a typical accounts person? hahahah.

See the queue, well actually it wasn't so bad. Took me bout 20 minutes to line up and fill the tank. I heard when 11pm the queue almost block the whole highway. caused a bad traffic jam. Luckily I filled up earlier.

Yes, nearing the pump.

Another view

That same nite my house was having Alpha Course opening. It's gonna be around 12-week course. It was good, had good food, and very friendly newcomers. Very bising and talkative, which was a good thing la

Enjoying the FOOD

Really talkative environment, I also cannot tahan. Maybe I was tired from gym and filling the petrol earlier, hahaha.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tuesday (3/6)

This did video clip for fun, as we did a different video clip for the church. Stay tuned this Sunday for the premier, LOL!!

I know the quality is quite poor. Well, nvm la, since it's the 1st time Kah Seng edit the video. Next we'll do other clips better, got experience liaw, hahahah.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunday (1/6)

It's June already. Time passes quite fast. Well it was a Sabbath day. Learned great deal about Siblings-ship during the sermon in church. hehehehee. Will share more bout it late, coz I feel that strong relationship among siblings is important.

At nite, had this Alpha Course committee meeting before the kick start of Alpha course this coming Wednesday at my house. Yeah my house will host the Alpha Course for the next 11-12 weeks. After meeting, had heavy refreshment. Had satay, Chick wings, Char siew pau, porl pau and Strawberries, hehehe.

The buns were nice, from Sabah.

Mom's fren brought the strawberries back from her KL trip. They were big!! Not the normal size.

See how big!!! hehehe.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Movie nite (31/5)

Went for a movie with Ah Teng and Peggie at the mini cinema. It was ok, better than I expected, after hearing bad comments from some frens. It's still ok la. Ah Teng said got too much Visual Effects, which is quite true.

My rating: 3.75/5

A day well spent (Pesta Kaamatan) (30/5)

Holiday!!! Woke up around 9am++, can't sleep long coz used to wake up early (5.50am). So just linger around my hse, watched Astro, and finally make an effort to learn and improve my bass.

I had this book for more than 1 yr but nvr even flip and read the book for once!! So finally went through a few chapters. Well, surprisingly, there's a lot of stuff that I really don't know. So I took up my bass guitar, hook up to my PC (which connected to my Altec Lansing speakers + sub woofer). Been doing this for sometime when I play some bass guitar. Sounds really nice from my sub woofer speakers, hahahah.

Then lunch came, hungry!! Fren invited me for lunch at his place. We had fish mee hoon. Amazing that they can cook it. Really nice. Although it's simple, it was good enough for my stomach as I had heavy buffer dinner the night before, hahahah.

Nice oh the fish mee hoon!!! sluuuurp!!

Close up view
Then we went out for wine shopping. We were planning for the wine testing nite with my CG and Joshua CG members. Was looking forward to it. Ah Teng and Caressa had been to a wine testing class before. So they taught us some few tips during the wine testing.
Open sesame!!!!
Oh yeah, we also had cheeses and Ritz crackers during the wine drinking. Cheese goes well with Wine. We got blue cheese, Brie cheese and Cheddar cheese. We really had fun learning and fellowship with eachother.


We had only 2 types of wine. Australian wine and French wine. It's all in the look, smell, and taste.

Sophia: Bang, minta satu gelas lagi, kick la....(hehehehe)

Ah Teng: ok la, ok la.....last glass for you, more ah!!! you had 4 glasses liaw....

Enjoying my wine.......
Caressa also explains a bit from her experience.....
Sophia: Aiyo, many kulat in the blue cheese.....
Ah Teng: Eh,....dun play play with the blue cheese, mahal ah, whack you then you know.....

Dinner @ Grand Dorsett (29/5)

I had dinner with my CG and Joshua CG (chinese young adult). The dinner was great, had good fellowship with the other CG. We had Italian theme buffet, very nice indeed. Really ate a lot man.

The view of the food displays.

Appetizer. I like the Boston clam chowder, very nice oh!!

Main course. The lamb shank stew was very nice. Liked it the most.

My members enjoying themselves.

The rest of the eaters,..hehehe