Saturday, June 20, 2009

Roasted Chicken

Roasted chicken for dinner when my mom was away to KK to attend a seminar. It's been a while since I cook something good, or doing an experiment cooking.

This time I use very different method. Instead putting the chicken in the roast pan with the vegetable, I separated them.

The marinate is simple, bought a rendang paste, add with onions and garlic, and salt. That's all to it. You can use any other paste, according to your preference, bbq sauce, chinese sweet sauce, anything.

Closer look.

The vege that I use this time. Me and my bro love brinjal, and brinjal do go well with roasting or BBQ, from my past experience. But they must be cooked well til soft, vert soft. Then will taste great!

Into the oven they go!!

See how I separate them. I put the chicken on the grill. Reason is I want a proper roasted chicken till crisp to the skin. If I roast with the chicken, they won't crisp properly, coz of the moist retention from the vege and under exposed of the heat to the skin. Initially I set the heat at 140 degrees for bout 30 mins to let it cook thoroughly to the inside, and still keep the meat juicy and moist. Then after that I set to 180-200 degrees for 15 mins or so, depending how dark you want the skin to be. That is to crisp up the skin, take more of the fatty oil out of the skin.

I put the pan underneath to collect the juices and oils produced from the chicken as they are being roasted. The juices will enhance the vege's flavour.

This is the result. See the dark colour skin on the chicken? They are nice and crisp. Really meet my expectation, hahahah.

Another view.

The brinjal is almost 100% cooked, but not up to my softness, but still ok though. Have them with rice, and soak the vege with the chicken juice from the roast, they are nice! Me and Ivan really enjoyed it. you should try too!

Down to the last bone, nothing left, Buuuuurrrrppp!!!!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

ASB Badminton tournament (6-7 June'09)

Asian Supply Base, the company I work for, organised a badminton tournament within the company only. I've been told that it's been a while since they had this tournament. This event is in conjunction with the company's 25th anniversary celebration. I'm part of the organising committee, and also taking part in the competition. The turnout was good. Many people took part, especially the men's categories. 32 men's single and 39 pairs men's doubles. Ladies category was not that big of a number.

I took part in men's double and mix double. Managed to get 1st place in men's doubles (YAY!!) and 2nd place in mix doubles. In mixed doubles final I played against my own teammate in the men's double! He's more better than me, but I did gave a good fight till the 3rd set, won't wanna let him win the prize easily. (hehe)

Registration and time keeper counter.



Turnout on the 1st day. Everybody played their hearts out

2nd day, all categories' Semi-final and Finals

My teammate in mix double

My teammate in men's doubles

Ladies' doubles

Overall it was good. The event went smoothly, better than expected. Prize presentation will be done on the Family Day, probably end of July'09. Congrats to the winners, and try again next time for the unlucky ones!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

KK Trip June'09

Went to KK again for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. This time is to sit for my ACCA exam. KK is the nearest exam centre available, so I have to make this trip. Stayed over at Archdeacon John Yeo's place. Supposedly to drive my car there, but due to the Sabah harvest event, I have no luck in getting the ferry ticket, bad habit of me being last minute. Gotta be early next time round.

So ended up taking the ferry express to KK direct. Been quite a while since I sat one, due to easily getting motion sickness from the moving of the ferry boat. Surprisingly I did not get any from both trip to and fro, thank GOD!! The pics are low quality, only used my handphone coz I forgot to bring my camera's battery along, so absent minded!!

View in the ferry express.

KK port.

Dinner near Luyang there. The shop is famous for it's dumpling, pan fried and steamed. A friend of my mom's works there, a family business. She used to be in Labuan but moved to KK for many years already. She's close to my mom, and still recognise me and my bro when we payed a visit there.

Sotong kangkung

Famous dumplings

Fried noodle

Ikan pari

After dinner me, bro and friends went to Secret recipe for dessert @ Warisan Square. Missed the cakes there, super nice.

Chocolate indulgence

Caramel cheese

Chocolate brownies, love them all!!!

Bravo chillin on the floor. Fat and cute!! hahaha

Next morning, went back to the same coffee shop for breakfast

Lunch at Wagamama @ Asia City. I quite like the food there, been there once before. The sushis are expensive, but the ala carte food are reasonable enough.


Only had this sushi dish

They had a promotion, order a main dish and free a side dish, so me and my bro ordered 2 sets. I know it's a bit too heavy, but what the heck, it's not always that we have decent Japanese food.

Salmon and chicken side dish

My main dish, fried beef

My bro's stewed beef. I forgot the exact name for them all.

The exam went well for me, not as difficult as I expected. Confident that I can pass this.

At night attend the "Night of worship" at ChristChurch Likas. A team from USA is in town and they and Jonathan Tse led the whole hour of worship. Really good and refreshing. Feel touch by God through them.

Next early morning, before going back to Labuan, stooped in town for quick breakfast. AD John Yeo brought us to a place where they serve fish noodle. Yes, literally fish noodle. The noodle is made of fish paste, serve with dumpling, fish meat and much more. Something new and creative. Enjoyed it.

Big Thanks to AD John Yeo and friend for their hospitality. Really enjoyed myself throughout the trip.