Sunday, January 28, 2007


It's been already busy in the office with my own assigned work. Now I'm told to go KK to do audit with my a senior. I almost freaked out, have so much work in office and needing to dump the job and go KK. Well, my group re-arranged my work and assigned some work to the junior. Have tight datelines but unable to meet these datelines if I'm assigned to KK. Work really piling up really fast, and it's only JANUARY!! Getting scared man. Well, OFF I go to KK!!

My plane ticket. Using MAS, hehe....MAS wo.....

Upon checking in the hotel (Kinabalu Daya Hotel). It's not as good as I expected. But the area is convenient, as nearby places have shopping places and food eating places.

More pic of the room. Very simple and smelly. Guess it's a smoking-allowed room.

Khen trying on the TV. The channels are decent, but the pictures quality is not that good. I don't like this room. What to wat.

At client's place, the clerk offered us water and this during "tea" time about 3-4 pm.

Doing my work, really busy....

Every day for lunch the client brought us for lunch. This particular lunch is at a fancy restaurant. The environment is good, air conditioned, hehehe.

The 1st nite had dinner with Canon John & wife & Annie, together with my colleague. Had dinner at this "Bak Kut Teh" shop near my hotel. The food was nice, and of course, hearty one. Had good fellowship with them. Then they drop my and my colleague to Centre Point to walk around, see if we can buy anything. Since we're in KK, might as well do some shopping for CNY, such as CLOTHES, food, etc.
2nd nite, Pastor Jonathan Tse brought us for dinner. We went to this "Asia City" mall. It's a newly opened shopping place, but not much shops opened. We went to this Japanese Restaurant called "Wagamama Japanses Restaurant"

The restaurant of outside. I don't know bout the background of this restaurant. But since Pastor Jonathan say it's good, so I just go ahead and try.

The place is like those sushi king outlet style. The environment is nice. The moment we step into the place, the workers start to shout in Japanese. I guess they are welcoming us. Is it a Japanese culture? They shout welcome and goodbye to every customers that comes in and goes out. I slowly got irritated by it, hahahahaha. They have this moving conveyor to transport around finished made sushis or other Japanese snacks. Other than that they also serve set dinners.

Another view of this place.

I challenged Jonathan for a "special" drink. We ordered SAKE! It's a Japanese rice wine, if i'm not mistaken. I haven't really had this drink before, so wat the heck, we called a small bottle. They served the drink warm. So it's rare for me to experience in drinking alcoholic drinks warm I think sake is the 1st for me. The taste is........nothing that I had ever tasted before. But it's ok. But not my kind of preferential taste. Maybe I didn't had enough, only for a cupful for each of us. (3 of us drank only a bottle). Maybe next time we'll try order more, hahahah.

My food. It's called chicken teriyaki. The food was good. Chicken taste good, crispy in the outside, soft and juicy in the inside.

Jonathan really loves Japanese food, hahahaha. In addition he hantam 2 more plates of sushis from the moving conveyor, really can eat a lot.

Sigh, back to work, work work....

3rd nite, and this time for REAL, I had PROSPERITY BURGER!! Well It actually doesn't taste as great as I expected. I rather have my favourite Big Mac. But the drink is superb. it's a mixture of Sprite and a orangy/lemony juice. So it has this fizzy with the lemony citrus kick. WOW!! Love it!!
Well, finally on this 3rd nite I able to get some shirts for this coming CNY, and also some magazine for my own reading. I like to read those PC and tech stuff magazines, as I need to keep up with the electronic trends. The world is moving fast, so need to keep up and not loosing out. who knows my knowledge can be a great asset/investments for me in the future.
"Old Town" Ice blended coffee (21/01/07)

I bought this old Town 3-in-1 coffee mix from a supermarket. This coffee mix is a good coffee. A bit pricey, but hey, it's good!! I don't know the real background of this company, but I heard it's well know in Ipoh and parts of west Malaysia. Well, I think it's believable, consider how GOOD the coffee is.
It's been a while since I have ice blended coffee. So what the heck, use this coffee mix to satisfy my craving man. Since it's a good coffee, so I think it could make a good ice blended coffee. Of course I won't compare it with Coffee Bean or Starbucks, it is out of their league.

This is wat I was using, good Ol' Town coffee mix.

Ice cubes in the blender, and pour the mix into the blender, slowly......

Poured in some water. Not too much though. one small cup of water for every packet. But I made a mistake but putting in too much water.

Now......BLEND IT!!

Looked like Coffee Bean / Starbucks ice-blended coffee rite?? hehe

What do u think? looks nice? Well, I put too much ice and water, so it tasted a bit plain, don't have that "strong" coffee taste & smell. So it's a failure! Will try this project again next time, and when I get the rite measurement, I'm sure I'll make some for you all, hehehehe. *wink wink*

Ah Teng invited us for his own version of prosperity burger. It was good. He can really make a good black pepper sauce. We have salads, and greens for the burgers. nice......

Will we prosper after the dinner? We will see about that......

Really hungry for the burger.......

YUM YUM!! (food again!!)

My own version of prosperity burger, hahaha.

What are you thinking fatty??! I was doing a "big" business and i have no idea what he was doing "meowing" at the door. Really distracted me from doing my business. Peggie took this pic out of hallarious display from that CAT.
Extra performance? (19/01/07)

You know what on earth is that? Will talk more later, hehe.

"COWBOY", shot of Bacchus cream and Bacchus butterscotch gold snapps.

I will make comments later. hehe

Monday, January 15, 2007


Sunday was a special day for Leon. We planned to teach him on how to COOK. Men need to learn how to cook, hehehe. Why do we need to cook? Well, so that we can be independent in a way, make huge savings. And also to bring up your own "saham", hahahahh. Leon is going to Australia for further studies. Se he needs to learn to cook to save money. Pampered guy in a well-off family, hahaha.
That afternoon stopped by at a duty free shop, and remembered a special "shot" my colleague introduced me. She said it is nice and something special. So I browsed the shop for it and found it, displayed at the counter. This shot is called "COWBOY". It's a shot separated in 2 types of liquor/liqueur. One is Bacchus cream and the other is Bacchus butterscotch gold snapps. Well, wait for my review on this drink ok. I hope it'll be good, hehehe.

the look from the TOP.

From the SIDE, see the separation line? Looks cool huh?


Ok, Back to Leon's cooking. 1stly, washing the rice. We had this session at Ah Teng's house. Well, Ah Teng do most of the teaching / ordering, showing Leon how do this and that.

Washing the rice.

Getting it ready to cook.

Next, cutting the vege. Looks easy though. Maybe he got the inner talent. hmmmm...

Corn soup. watch the salt man!

Frying eggs + tuna. Easy rite? Well, only taught him those basic and easy stuff, good enuff for survival outside Labuan, hehehe.

Yum!! Good enuff for me, don't wanna have too heavy food, scared dy.

After the dinner and cleaning up, suddenly a frog appeared out of nowhere hopping around in the house!! Ivy almost freaked out, hahahah. We realised that Ah Teng's cat, FATTY, caught it and brought it into the house. Not those any normal frog (inset).

So wat's for dessert? Oh yeah,...cotton cheese cake!! A friend of Peggie's made for her, as a birthday gift, so nice........and the cake was GOOD.

Next dessert.....durian again. Leon's mom gave durian to us. I think it was the same as we had on Saturday nite at the market. Well, since I had durian, my review on the COWBOY shot have to delay til Monday nite. Durian doesn't go with alcoholic drinks ok, remember that.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Durian? Sushi?

What a Saturday. Been out the whole day, not having enough sleep and now still on my PC blogging. hahahah. If this continue on, dunno what will happen, hahaahha. People say as ur young, keep urself busy, make ur life a meaningful one. Wonder mine today is meaningful or not. hahah. Have you notice that my blogs are mostly all about FOOD? hahaha. I do enjoy food, obviously from my body size, hahaha. Some people take enjoyment in enjoying all sorts of food, Asian food and western food. Food can be a tool for "friend making", don't u know that? Of course if over-indulge, it will bad for u and your health. So, eat moderately, in the same time still can enjoy food, while you're still young, hehehe.
After my "extra hrs" of work in the office, I straight went to church for my band practice. I don't know why, but today I feel like taking picture. Just take pictures when I have the chance. The practice was tiring, but good. I do find joy in playing in the band even during practices. It heals and relaxes my soul in a way. Hard to explain, in short, I really enjoy P&W.

Christina leading the practice. She's my cell member. But in worship team, she's the leader and I'm the member, hehehe.

Practice, practice, practice.

Drummer for the week, Rastwin, one of the Labuan FM DJ, hehehe.

Oh yeah, Tshing Teng, yeah, him again,.......he's the new guitarist for the worship team! And he'll be playing for the 1st time tomorrow!! He's a good guitarist, but he's more to slow / blues songs. Glad to have him on the TEAM!

After the practice, helped Ah teng to move the table and chairs from his hse that he borrowed, bakc to church. We also planned for SUSHI dinner nite, with Peggie and my sis only. So after moving the stuff, me and Ah Teng went to the wet market to buy some stuff for the dinner. At the market, we passed by a place, FULL of durians!!! So me and Ah Teng drop by the place for a look. The view of the place, made us crave (meng-idam) for them! But we decided to skip it coz we need to buy some stuff for the dinner. Sigh.......(it doesn't end here, continue on reading)

So many! they said these are from Terusan. Dunno where it is exactly. Sabah? Sarawak? Will look into it later.

Sushi rice. Peggie have this REAL sushi rice that we used. Nice and soft.

Look at us busy preparing the sushis. We made so many of our own styles, even California rolls made by my sis, hehehe.

Ah Teng's sushi roll in the making. Fried dory fish, cucumber, egg strips, mayo, etc.

My own invention, hehehe.

My rolls, not so pretty looking, but it's nice.

Ahem!!! Continue on with durians. After the SUSHI dinner, and cleaning up, me and Ah Teng still thought back bout the durians we saw tat early evening. Tat made us crave even more! Without hesitation, we all go!! It was bout 9.45pm already! We were thinking if they still open for sale or not, but by faith we GO! True enough, when we reach there, they are still selling! GOOD! We bought 3 biji and we all ate them on the spot, lazy wanna bring back and eat. The durians were ok, still nice, but not as nice as the Lawas durians that I had 2 weeks ago. Wat a dessert, hahahah.

Look at us enjoying the KING of fruits!! eat only....