Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Drinking game

Be afraid, very very afraid!!!

Lionel & Diana's Wedding Day 27/12/2008

Woke up a bit early than usual. Noises coming from everywhere in the house, preparing their own thing for my sis' wedding. Went out of the room for quick look before washing up.

The hairdresser and make up artist were there preparing my sis.

My niece still adorable

The wedding went very well and smooth. The church literally packed with friends and relatives! This is really a good sign. I didn't get any wedding pics of my sis and Lionel yet as there were professional photographers, I don't wanna do any photo shoot. So I will update later when I get the copies. Below are some pictures that I took with friends and relatives.

We headed off to Membedai Shell Club House for the lunch reception after the wedding.

Niece sweating and enjoying the cool breeze from Rachel.

Some random shots

My cousins from Kuching.

Wedding dinner was at Dorsett. Great food, great fellowship and company, and great WINE! hahaha.

The 4 Chin-keteers, hahahah. Been quite a while since all 4 of us siblings meet together. Took some pictures with diff pose for remembrance.

After the dinner some of us head towards "Fun Pub", the place that used to call Some Place Else (SPE) in Dorsett. We have some drinks and the some of them trying to make Lionel drunk, but failed. They announced the newly wed in the pub and being pulled to the dance floor, hahaha. Once a lifetime bah.....

Romantic eh.....

Lovely couple indeed...

Relatives gathering dinner 26/12/08

It was the eve of my sister's (Diana) wedding. Lots of relatives especially from Sarawak came over to witness and celebrate the joyous occasion. I especially looked forward to meet my niece!! We had dinner with the relatives at my house. We practically prepared the food for them. Me and my bro were in charge of the meat section while the rest help out the rest of the food. I roasted the turkey, and with my bro did the bbq lamb, wings, and sausages.

The whole affair turned out good, lot of good feedbacks, especially on the food. They liked my turkey and also the fruit salad, prepared by my mom. It was a good nite when everybody were happy with the food.

Who is this girl???

My baby niece!! Gianna.... cute right!!

Durian cake from my mom's friend. One of the best in town (Labuan).

BBQ lamb.

The food.....

BBQ wings....

Roast turkey. Really nice.....

The fellowship of the CHINS and YAPS.....hahahaha

After they left, we were told to hand the red cloth above the entrance door. Chinese tradition....

It was not the end of the nite yet, we have to pick up Brooke from the airport. She had a very delayed flight from KL. She was kind enough to brought us donuts, all the way from Jakarta!! woooo.....

These are mini donuts.....

These are the typical, all demand donut. All of them taste nice, no joke. I bet it would be nicer to have them in Jakarta fresh from the oven! I wonder when I'll have the chance to go there....hmmmm.....

Saturday, January 03, 2009

December happenings No. 4

Christmas dinner @ Chals Country Cafe (25/12/08)

I wanna wish you all readers a Merry Christmas 2008 and a Happy New Year 2009!! This year's Christmas experience is a bit different from the usual. Didn't get to spend and celebrate with my Kairos members, partly due to tiredness from the Christmas Eve service celebration. Overall it was still good, as I get to spend time with my family and friends.

Went to Chals Country Cafe for dinner as we didn't prepare dinner, might be lazy kua, and just wanna relax after roasting my turkey.

Waiting for food

Salt & pepper...... testing my HP camera, hehe

chocolate drink. They don't serve alcoholic drinks, too bad....

We were not really hungry, so we ordered 3 dishes that we can share together.



Another view of the pizza. The price altogether about RM60. A bit too pricey, considering the establishment doesn't have air-conditioner, else it would be worth it. Service not that great either. The place can be improved for sure.

Next place we went to Italian cafe, which is near Tip Top or Picotec. Went there for few rounds of drinks and pool and fellowship with friends. The place owns by an Italian guy, together with a partner. We ordered some snack, pizza, carbonara and fritters.

Beers.....sweet.......heineken bah....

Waitress serving us pizzas.....

More drinks....

and more drinks...... the place is nice, the atmosphere and surrounding is bright enough and cozy...... the price, a bit on the pricey side, but still can be ignored once a while, LOL!

Christmas Turkey!!!! (25/12/08)

I always make a point to at least roast a turkey for Christmas. The turkey was well done, juicy and aromatic. Everybody liked them, sweeet~~~~~ Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Eve Service

Some random shots. It was a good night. A usual big turnout. It's a JOY to serve the Lord... hehe

Me and Tshing Teng bergoreng.... goreng goreng!!!


Ipod-ing and posing......hah

ROAST Pork belly (24/12/08)

I tried to roast a pork belly, but it was a failure. I can't really get the pork skin to crisp. I'm sure I got the ingredients right, guess the heat and the time spent wasn't correct / accurate enough. Not easy, but will try again next time

Halfway cooked

Cooked, but the skin is not the desired texture, not crisp, sigh......... FAILED!!! I know from the looks of it, it does looks appetizing.

Friends reunion 22/12/08

Been a while since I saw my old friends who have moved to Australia. Now they (Lance & Gordon) are my in-laws. hahahaha. Glad to meet them up again and catch up with the old times


Farewell Lunch for Ka Seng @ Pizza Hut 20/12/08

Christmas Decorations

Starry nite oh..........