Thursday, November 30, 2006


It has been months since I didn't do any crazy stuff with some friends already, is it age catching up on my maturity/mentality? Well i got the opportunity to watch sunrise last Tuesday!(28.11.06) Was told to meet in church at 5.30am!! That means 5am have to wake up. Don't you think it's crazy?? Well, Ka Seng wanna get some good pics on Labuan sunrise, so we agree to help him out. Pictures below are the attendees. (he he)

We all point at the sun.

All posing for the camera!

This is one of the primary school outdoor games that I played during recess or free time. Really brings back the old memory!! We had nothing to do after watching the sun rise. So I thinked of the old games I played and I drew that game. They said it looked like button mushroom, hahaha. I instruct them all to play along at least for one round till they get a fault, so all played except Soo Jean, ankle problem I think.

Look at me playing it at sunrise! (hhahahahaha)
J KIDS CAMP(24-25 Nov '06)

The camp was good. After having the camp for so many years, the respond is still good. Over 200 kids signed up for the camp. As I said earlier I am the teacher for the camp. This is the 2nd time I became a teacher. It's really challenging, but also interesting in a way. I like to observe their behaviour, it's hilarious sometimes looking at them.

My students are 9 yr olds. 4 boys and 6 girls. They are young, energetic, and naughty (most of them). One couple always fight over the side seat for 2 straight days. The boy always get the side seat until one time the girl bully him and take his seat.(I dunno how she did it) I can't believe the boy got bullied by the girl!! Yes, he cried :*( Mau kasi kahwin tu dua. No matter how young they are, nvr expect them to be goodie goodie type, they are always up to something bad. HAHA. But no matter what, kids are equally important to experience God's love as they are the future leaders. I must learn to accept and show love to the kids no matter how challenging it is.

My assistants were Kenneth Wong and Brenda Shak. Glad to have them in my class, and they were helpful to me. Always listen to my instructions(he he). Will post my class pic as soon as i got them.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sorry i haven't been posting for the past 6 days, as I've been busy, or keeping myself busy. Christmas is coming, and the busy-ness for Christmas is starting to take effect. Inter-Church Christmas, Cell Group carolling, Christmas day programme, and more are coming up and I'm involved in most of the events.

The past 2 days had practice and recording for the inter-church Christmas presentation / performance. COHS is presenting a simple sketch, yet meaningful. Wanna know more? come and join the event on 15th December 2006 at the Financial Park convention hall!!(or auditorium?). Me and my cell members were doing the recording for the characters in the sketch, but we're not acting in it, the youths are the actors /actresses. It was smooth and quick! All finished in one day! My cell members say that my voice very clear and good English, can become teacher,(foating) what a coincidence! I'm going to be a teacher for the next 2 days (Fri -Sat) for the J Kids Camp in COHS! Well hope that my students will behave well so tat I won't get headache while looking after them. (training my anger face) Praying for a heart of PETIENCE and LOVE! Will post some of the happening pics af the J Kinds Camp in a few days time.

Work was ok, at times was a patience testing time. Like that show BOILING POINT in MTV. But minus the 100 bucks. sigh.....Gotta have patience!!! (won't tell you more/detail, it's sensitive to talk bout work in the blog, don't wanna get myself in trouble!!) Hope you readers can pray for me to have a strong and patient heart to face my everyday work, with full attention and love to all my colleagues. Gotta learn to LOVE!!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Tonite's cell group (CG) was good, had good time with my fellow members in praise & worship, games, words, and refreshment. Today's WORD was "Four things to be desired in your life". This topic is sort of a back to basics for us Christians in building up our faith towards being more like Jesus. These desires have opened up my eyes in a way that to remind myself everytime I face struggles within me. (From Ephesians 3:14-21)

  1. Desire to be strong in LIFE

  2. Desire to know the Love of Jesus Christ

  3. Desire to be led and guided by God the Spirit

  4. Desire to Worship the Almighty God

These are 4 basic desires that every Christian required to have in order to maintain our faith in Jesus Christ. I can say it's a complete package as a guide for us to live in this world full of temptations and evil deeds. Wanna know more? You know who to call, hehehe.

Apart from the WORD, the refreshments were good!! Yum! Got banana choco cake, "make ur own" mini burgers with salads, Italian seafood tomato soup. See how they enjoyed the food, (including me!) Oh yeah, Kah Seng from FCC is in town to give free guitar lessons to the COHS members, and he visited my CG tonite. Glad to have him in Labuan to bless us!! Will post his pic to, promote him, hehehe.

Oh yeah.....I want to dedicate this BLOG to the LORD JESUS CHRIST!! May He continue to give me wisdom to make this blog a tool for His service and testimony.(is my grammar rite?) Well from time to time I will share words of wisdom from the Lord so tat I can be in a way to inspire you readers and to know Jesus Christ (JC) more.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Z710i(black), W710i(white), Z610i(greenish blue)

Decisions, decisions, decision! Now I got a hard time deciding which phone to get. Reason I wanna get a new phone is not to show off lah,(he he) but one if it is blogging! Imagine having a good built-in camera phone and u can take pics in any unusual events or happenings that you can share though your blog at the end of your day! The 3 models ur seeing rite now have picture blogging capability, so i can just take a pic, put some text, and send to my blog rite away thru my handphone! Aah, the sweet sweet technologies. There's nothing better than a blog posts with pics / videos to compliment the text that u typed. Pure text blogs can be a little boring, just read and read and read........(head fishing liaw).......oops.....where were we......

Oh yeah. The phones, i'm stuck in deciding which to get soon, hopefully in December 2006 (so guys, be patient with my blogs with the non-originals pics from me). So any handphones fanatics wanna give comments between these 3 models that you reckon me to get? I will ONLY choose either W710i, Z710i or Z610i. If there's not much comments, in the end I might settle for Z610i (for 3G's sake!).

You realize that all models are flip phone(clamshell) type. I never had flip phone before, so I'll give it a try, no harm wat. And also i migrated from Nokia to Sony Ericsson, reason is....I like music, and surely SE does give a good job in producing good sound out of the phones they produced, salute! So everybody, comments are welcome!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This is my 1st post for this blog. I never know that I created an account in this website for so many years and not posting anything at all. The amazing thing is my account is still active till now!! So I think I'll start blogging from now on, hopefully can post as often as I can (fingers crossed). Now it's November 2006 and the year end is coming soon. I have an idea to highlight all the exciting events (maybe including sad ones) that happened to me during the year 2006. Need to dig in my PC for pictures to post for that reason.

I don't know if blogging is a good thing for me, as I'm a closed up life type of guy. (I guess) I have the tendency to be very cautious on what I'm doing or saying, as I don't wanna offend anyone. But hey, it's my life rite? I'll learn to be more open and talk bout anything I can (he he). So stay tune and be amused by my posts. For sure politics is out of the topic, too deep and I don't wanna to be caught by ISA for it. (ha ha)