Monday, March 05, 2007

CNY dinner at Foo Chow Association Hall (3/3/07)

The nite before the 15th day of CNY, the Foo Chow Association held their own CNY dinner. My boss is the member of the association, and kind enough to buy a table for us 'Chinese' employees (I'm not trying to be discriminative ah) to attend, well, 8 of us made it. The dinner was great, with my colleagues talking and EATING. The best part it the FISH, big, fleshy and juicy! hahahah.

3 of my colleagues brought their camera, so we took some of us together. Since they are using good, high MP cameras, might as well use their pictures for my blog, hehehehehe, instead of my own 2mp camera phone.

Who was that sneaking behind us???!!!

All of use took a picture with my boss and her daughters. Now u know how my boss looks like, hehehe. She's not a simple person oh......very intelligent, influential and quite sophisticated person.

I forgot what u called this dish. It's sort of bring good luck and fortune thingy. how to eat it? Well, everybody will gather together, prepare their own chopsticks, and mix them up, but scooping them and bring it up high a bit a release.

Getting ready to MIX!!!

"Lau ah Lau ah Lau AH!!! Fatt ah Fatt ah FATT AH!!!" (mix ah mix ah mix ah!! Rich ah rich ah rich ah) That's what we were told to shout while mixing them. Quite fun actually, considering that I rarely do this, hehehehe.
Cell Group resume (2/3/07)

After stopping from cell group for 2 weeks due to the CNY celebration, we finally get back together again. Really miss cell group. And that day can consider EVERYBODY attended! So proud of my members! We watched a vcd about praise and worship. Seeing how the organisers do to get young ppl to attend this so called "concert", or i think I would prefer to say "rally", it really looks difficult, but I know, through The Lord Jesus, everything's possible. Wanna do a big concert/rally?? I challenge u!! an also myself, hehehehe.

After the vcd, move on to refreshment! We celebrated 2 birthday couple. one just passed few days ago and another over 1 month! hehehe. Peggie only wait for the cake actually, heheheh.

So romantic!! Both of them going to get married soon, in April, will pray for u 2 !!

CNY holiday is over, back to working life. All of us no mood to work, but, have to. Datelines coming, new audit work coming in, pressure building up, tension rising, the heat is on! (hehehe, i think every company face those situations, so nothing to panic about)

My colleague, really hardworking and many questions, which is a good thingy if u wanna learn. "If you have questions, ask, dun act like ur smart when you're not", that's what I remind myself every time, or else u'll get into deeper troubles.

Do I look like I'm getting crazy? hahahaha. can't believe my colleague took this pic from my phone. Din notice it at 1st.

Despite the busy-ness at workplace, I make some effort to excuse myself so that i can spend time with my dear sister, Florence. Been long time since I've met her. She's back, but bit later, as she have to go to her husband's hometown in Sandakan 1st. Yeah my bro-in-law came to Labuan too. Had good time with my sis, even though only for short time, coz of my work, and also church ministries, I'm sure she understands. At least I brought them to buy liquors! hhehehehe.

Work work work,....on my laptop, the list go on and on and on and on...........
Ah Teng's b'day special (27/02/07)

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner (17/2/07)

CNY is here again!! Mom ordered each of us siblings to prepare 2 dish, either to cook or tapau from outside. Well, I did duck and crab. Actually I I bought fresh duck and my do the cooking, coz I don't know how to cook the duck, KAMPUNG style! Only my mom knows how to cook it, so she kind enuff to let me off the hook, heheheh.
So in the end I cooked the CRAB! What's the recipe called? Well my sis Diana picked a recipe from a book and handed to me and say "nah, cook this". So I looked at the recipe, it's called, "Crab in salted egg yolk". It's a hawker style cooking! I really wonder if I can really cook this dish SUCCESSFULY? But I took up the challenge and off to town to get the ingredients.
Mom was kind enuff to help me buy the crabs, coz I realy don't have time to buy them, really busy with work in the office, as u can read at the previous post.

The crabs were FRESH, a must for a great dish. I have experience in killing, opening, and cleaning the crabs. Reminded me of the old days, when I was really young, parents taught me how to clean them, and I dunno why I was eager to do them. Well, it was really useful, as now I can do the cleaning without much trouble/difficulties. Look as the size of its claw!! (issit really called claw? I'll check on it later)

After cleaning them. Was using a brush, really dirty. You should know where those really came from, hehehehe. (don't spoil my appetite ah)

Ok, over them in cornflour, and then deep fry for few minutes, until CNY red, hehehe. I really din get to take all the pictures on the cooking process, too focused on cooking the sauce especially, really want the dish to turn out AWESOME! After deep-frying them, I prepared the sauce. the sauce was the difficult part, have to be quite accurate to get the desired outcome. You want the recipe? Sure, you can let me know and i'll get it for u.

PHEW!! Done! Looks nice isn't it? I've used up 8 salted egg yolks for this 2kg crab dish. Only used up the yolks. It turns out very nice! Really exceeded my expectation. It's not as salty as it sound, coz the yolks have this distinct smell and flavour, but not really salty. My family really enjoyed this dish, I tell u,...hahahaha.

The food prepared for the CNY eve dinner, it was good, enjoyable, and FULL!! (buuuuuuurrrpp!!)
Badminton Friendly & steambot dinner (11/2/07)