Sunday, May 13, 2007

Today is mother's day. But my church celebrate parents' day too. This is wat I bought for my dear mom, a perfume. Me, my bro, my sis Florence and Noah shared to buy this. It's Hugo Boss femme perfume. One of the recommendations given by my colleague. Her bf owns a duty free shop which also sells wide variety of perfumes. This perfume is very nice, even my friends like it.

Hugo Boss femme perfume!

Another angle of it.

Nowadays, I think I'm addicted to coffee. Still trying to find out. Or mayb it's only a habit. But I like coffee, but not excessively, only a cup a day for breakfast only (rarely 2 cups in a day). A new colleague knows I like coffee, so she gave me 3 packet, all different type, great! Sort of getting to try those which I never tried before, to know whether it's good or not, not wanting to regret buying a big pack and knowing it's not good.
I somehow prefer Ipoh white coffee. The brand "OLD TOWN" is good! But it's hard to find in Labuan, when the stocks are here, they quickly sold off! Gotta buy 4-5 big packs next time, grrr.

The coffee mix that I got. Tried the left one, it's nice. Recommended to buy. The middle one is the Brand that I really like, but this type is without sugar, and my colleague so kind and gave me a small pack of sugar, ho thoughtful. Will try the rest this week in the office.
Being a kid again

Went to Parkson after dinner at Pizza hut with friends, went to the toy section and my friend called me to have a look at this. The 1st time I see it,....I thinked to myself, "I gotta get this!!!". This reaction made me think of my childhood days, when Star Wars movies was famous and I'm a fan of the movie, always fantasizing myself as the hero Luke Skywalker with the lightsaber.
In the end, I just took a pic of it, and say to myself, ur to young and immature to have this, LOL!! Just have a look at it close up, reading the features of what this toy can do. Nowadays these type of toys are getting more and more realistic, minus the ability to KILL of course.

Wish I can have this,...... "wink wink"!!
LABOUR DAY!!!! (1/5 - 2/5)

Labour day is here! what to do for the holiday? Well, CG members have planned something simple, we went picking shells, a type of shell that can be consumed. In chinese it's called "tung fung lo". We done this a few times already, and we haven't get bored doing it. It's fun for me, in a way.
Firstly, a buddy of mine treat me a brunch buffet in Sheraton! She has salary increment and extra allowances, good for her. The brunch was GOOD! We reached there 11.30am SHARP! and no hesitant to start after looking all those good food. FOOD AGAIN! Been putting on weights since my birthday week. makan only.

The place is still empty, guess we're too early, hahahaha. That means it's good, the place was all our! hahahaha.


Got porridge, salads (appetizers), delicious main course, etc etc etc. (pls ignore the cigarette box, it's not mine)

The mamak fry mee is awesome! haven't had this good mee goreng for so long!

At about 3pm, me and a cell member marinade a turkey for our tomorrow's feast. (sorry no pics) Then at 4pm+, we headed to the beach near Tmn En Su in Kerupang to pick shell. We need to go into the water as deep as almost waist height to pick them. It tool us almost an hour before we hit the gold mine! (area with alot of the shells). We harvested 128 shells!! It was a new record!! We left it overnite to let the shells spit out the sand, coz we dun wanna eat the sands in their belly,...something like tat, hahahah.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Belated BIRTHDAY BASH!!! (27/4)

Continue from the pre birthday surprised below, my CG members didn't just end it there. We had CG weekly meeting. It was short, they insisted, and I wondered why. I prepared dinner for them, guess they wanted to cut the meeting short just to have dinner as they were hungry. No, that was not the case. after dinner, they planned something for me!!! They played truth or dare on me!!! I was shocked and terrified on wat they have in their sleeves!!! True enough, it was most embarrassing birthday bash for me. Look at the pictures, they speaks a thousand words. (I think more than that!!)

1st they made me wear those stuff.

Then they made me wear pantie hose!!! Really can't stand it.


Sexy or not??!!

Next, they made me feel like baby again,...drank baby milk out of the baby bottle!!!

Another dare, sing duet with Viviana, we sang Happy birthday song, with the twist, rapper style, the "Yo Yo! check it out!" thingy, hahahah. They have this lucky draw thingy to see whether I'm doing truth or dare. There's few embarrassing questions, don't wanna talk about it here.

Creative photographer.

Then they made me ate BABY FOOD!!! carrot flavour. Instead of feed myself, I made the cell members to feed me, each person one spoonful. Sigh,....really beh tahan, dirty my mouth somemore, really treated me like a baby! BIG BABY

My cell groups. I was wearing a pair of Renoma boxers see.......

My gifts for birthday

miniature bottle of Absolute Vodka from a colleague. Still keeping it as decoration, tak sanggup to drink it.

This is a wafer stick with choc cream inside. A colleague for it from Brunei. It was really nice, luxury cream wafer. Choc rich man....I love choc!


Renoma Boxers from CG member, my 1st boxers.

Collar t-shirt with my name and CG name embroidered. Cool man.

And I got a few more pics but din take pics of them, such as the new MOZART Choc liqueur from the colleagues, nice to have it with vanilla ice-cream, it has 87% pure chocolate, nice man, new in the market, highly recommended.

The best gift of all that I get this year for my birthday is from GOD. He answered my prayer in successfully getting a job that I have been waiting for. I got a job offer in a company, which involves in Oil & Gas industry. God has been good to me, really feel blessed to the MAX. Will start my Job in June 2007 and this month will be my last month. I'll tell you the company that I'll be joining later next month. Will miss my current job, good & friendly colleagues, challenging and valuable work experience. But I have to move on. I'm on the move!!! heheheh
My BIRTHDAY!!!! (26/4)

I somehow do take my birthday quite seriously. But some people don't, as they think it's just numbers that really don't matter. For me it does matter, as a mark on how I performed in my life, how much I did, how much I achieved, how much I experienced in life, both spiritually and also "worldly" exposures. ( I mean those good stuff, not bad worldly stuff, such as travels, food, career, etc) It's like making a target or plan wat to do in your life, or shud I say, an organiser to your life, TIME management, hehehe.My birthday was good. Whole day in office, sms keeps coming in, irritating my colleagues with the sms alerts from my phone, hahaha. Had lunch with cell members, food really nice, at golf club, highly recommended to eat there.
Dinner I spent my colleagues, well, not all of them, to a treat at pizza hut. It may be the last time that I treat them in a group. Dinner with them was nice, they are quite friendly, funny, and talkative. Really enjoy being with them, should have those kind of gathering more often.

The group.

Another view.

A naughty colleague made this for me,....really nothing to do, let u see and have a good laugh.


Munch munch munch......chew chew chew.........gulp!!

Pizza hut have this small appreciation thingy for b'day person. So I present my IC and they gave me this. A hard sliced pancake with 1 scoop vanilla ice-cream and syrups. It was simple dessert, which I share with them all.

It's really hard,....."watcha lookin at??!!"

They really enjoying themselves

Enjoying herself. My junior, nice lady, too bad, not available liaw. :D
Pre-birthday (25/4)

I almost totally caught unguarded surprise for my birthday! I really thought they wanna do it on my birthday. This Tshing Teng called me to go his house to fix his PC, as his PC kononnya got problem. they know I'm good at computer stuff so they use that excuse to dupe me to go his hse. mana tau, a surprise. The rest of the cg members hid in a room upstairs. While trying figure out wat's the problem with the PC, I found there's nothing wrong, wat the,.......then suddenly they appeared and sing happy birthday to me. Caroline hold 2 medium size candles and sort of giving this simple cute dance for me,..wahahahaah. I can't really remember how she dance, just a simple one. i should have asked her to dance again before I blew the candles. I was bit touched, hahahaha. Had simple supper, cake and chicken wings.

The crowds

The food. the cake was delicious, homemade cheese cake woooo......Made by the cell member. Great! (wait, doesn't end like this simply, read more of my b'day week posts above!)
Congratulations to Thsing Teng and Peggie!!! (Mr. & Mrs. LIM) 14/4/07

Well, this post is dedicated to my cell members, Mr. & Mrs. Lim Tshing Teng. They are the newly-weds. It's the 2nd couple in my cell group that got married. !st was Mr. & Mrs. Alfie Liaw in July'06, aand they are still going STRONG and FAITHFUL!!
The wedding was good, everyone was happy, especially the newly-weds. They had to kiss twice in front of the guests, wahahahaha. Ok bah,.....for LOVE, will do anything!! ;)
Seeing them both working together and being so compatible as a couple really made me envy in a way, wonder when I can meet the ONE for me, well, only God knows. Trust and Obey!
Well, Ah TENG and Peggie!! All the best and Keep trusting the Lord, I'm positive that God will BLESS you both richly in years to come, AMEN!!
(I'll posts some pics of their wedding later, dun have the copies now, he...)
Tanjung Aru "mamak stalls"(13/4)

Me and Brooke Anne we hungry after the worship practice, and so we decided to check out this new place, just finished built not long. That place was only those wooden stalls only, and now upgraded to CONCRETE stall already. Don't be surprised that I dine at this kind of place, especially Malay stall. I have no problem and I do fancy their food. It's nice.

A view of the stalls. Environment is comfortable. It's like in KL highway resting stations, where long distance drivers and passengers stop to have quick rest and dine, it's that kind of feeling, really missed that when doing road trips with friends man.

We ordered sup daging. It's nice, potent enough, hahaha.

Nasi goreng pattaya.

She had nasi goreng kampung. Overall the food was ok, up to expectation in a 'normal' stalls standards. I do recommend you all to have supper there, environment is good, open air, price is reasonable, and it's clean!


Hey reader. sorry for not posting in my blog, sure you all wonder where I have wondered to. Been almost 2 months that i didn't post anything, aiyo. Well, my work's busy period is here again. Working OT til 8-9pm every Tuesday til Thursday to knock off my work assigned to me. Really challenging. But hey, if work's not challenging, it won't be interesting, rite? Instead some people having to relaxing work, will just ended up hating it and may potentially being not productive both at work at in spiritual life. Working life has been both productive and learning experience for me. Will I stay in this Co. permanently? Well, later will tell you all.
Why only OT on Tue -Thur only? Well, Mon is prayer meeting and Cell Leaders' meeting, which I really try my hard to make a priority to attend, and Fri is my cell group meeting, which I can't miss it for anything, coz I'm the cell leader lo. Last month, end of April was a good week. It was my birthday!!! Got lots of gifts I received, both from Christian friends and also colleagues, including GOD Himself!! Read the next posts, lots of pic to show!