Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Boys (March'09)

Celebrate birthday with my CG members.

Ding (23/3/09)

Vinod (28/3/09)

We celebrated Vinod's birthday early. Had "Nasi Lemak Nite" last nite. Had a good time, laughing hard during ice-breaker, and good food for dinner.

Vinod and Wife, Ling

Makan TIME!

Got santan rice, which I cooked it, brinjal by my mom, fish curry and steam by Ah Teng&Peggie, Sambal and curry puff by Ah Wei, Eggs and vege by Marie, and Red Bean santan dessert by Vinod&Ling.

Mari makan!! ; )

Yari Yara March'09

Pork skin!!! Had this crispy pork skin in CG, brought by a CG member, homemade!! Really nice man, but surely not good for the faint of heart, hahahaha. I learned tips on cooking that, and I'll try to do that in the near future, stay tune!!

See how dry and crispy it looks!!

CRUNCH!!!! Yummy!!!

Saw this pita breads in a bakery and decided to buy one pack for Saturday morning's BRUNCH. I had big idea for this pita bread.

The ingredients or fillings for the pita bread. BACON, fish fillet and pork. Gonna fry them together.

Use less oil, coz the bacon has fat in them and they'll melt to oil as you fry them in high heat.

Other fillings are scramble eggs, and fresh thin sliced vege (carrot, tomatoes & cucumber)


Different angle

Not bad for a brunch!

A weird situation happened...

Changing bass guitar strings (9/3/09)

My bass guitar is about 1 yr 3 months old now. It's time to change the strings as the sound is getting poorer and out of tune easily. I read the tutorials on changing the strings from the website. I even read few more times to get familiar and make sure I don't screw up the new strings when I change them. It's not cheap!!!

My new strings

See the worn out strings

So you're convinced already that I should change the strings rite? hehehe

The new strings. My bass guitar is a 5-string bass, so it's bit costlier to change compare to a normal 4-string bass.

Took out the old and clean the frets and the wood.

Polish polish polish!!

Tadaaaa, string finally! I didn't do any mistakes, phew!!

New Look! And definitely, NEW sound!

Wohoo!! Can't wait to try it out....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday boys

Tshing Teng's B'day (27/2/09) @ Mehfil

So shy..... we sang the b'day song loud loud, that's why he shy, hahaha.

Fruitty cheese cake, not bad...

Rev. David Thien's b'day (19/2/09)

So much fooood!!! Sweat!!

Shofar course (19-20/2/09) @ COHS

A shofar (Hebrew: שופר‎) is a horn used for Jewish religious purposes. Shofar-blowing is incorporated in synagogue services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

A shofar may be created from the horn of any kosher male animal from the Bovidae family except for cattle, which is specifically excluded. In practice two species are generally used: the Ashkenazi shofar is a domestic ram (see sheep), while the Sefardi shofar is a kudu.

The sound from Shofar. The
tekiah and teruah sounds mentioned in the Bible were respectively bass and treble. The tekiah was a plain deep sound ending abruptly; the teruah, a trill between two tekiahs. These three sounds, constituting a bar of music, were rendered three times: first in honor of God's Kingship; next to recall the near sacrifice of Isaac, in order to cause the congregation to be remembered before God; and a third time to comply with the precept regarding the shofar. (copy from Wikipedia)

Yari Yara 3

Dinner @ Pulau Labuan Restaurant (18/2/09). Fellowship with my fellow cg members and friends. Did not manage to take the main dish photos, but the dessert is something really new for me. I'm not sure if i remember having them in the past, but that nite really got my attention. It was peanut butter soup thing(not sure what it's called in Chinese). It was almost like those bread spread peanut butter, but diluted. Really nice!!! But mind you, one bowl is enough, very heaty. No JOKE!!

Samuel really enjoying it, hahaha.

Chap Goh Meh dinner (9/2/09). Me and CG members dinner gathering, last day of CNY celebrations (15th day). Fellowship was good. Nice atmosphere, NICE food. Look at those bountiful of food!! Got KFC and Pizza Hut somemore.


Pie+ice-cream, nice dessert!

Fishing outing (30/1/09). With my bro, Leon and Leonel @ Alfred Lim's place. Enough of CNY visiting and EATING, need to relax and do things I love to do, fishing especially. Fishing at the seaside has it's risk, no fish. But fishing at the pond, especially at Alfred's place, can almost guarantee a catch! So put down the risk and go for the pond la!

Wohoooo!! Decent big fish!!

So many fishes we caught. I think I caught almost half of them. I'm the winner of the day, hahaha.

Mr & Mrs Justin Koh's wedding banquet. They held the banquet @ Ah Ban, A.K.A Goldfield Restaurant. Justin got married back in the U.S., as far I remember. Congratulations man!! Happy for you. Will post up their pic later on, haven't get my hands on them yet.

The menu, don't ask me, I can't read.