Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday (26/5) An invitation.......

Got an invitation to a wedding ceremony. I think should be a colleague of mine from other department. I don't know this bride-to-be or groom-to-be, coz our workforce are very big, more than 600 of us! So, whoever you are, I wish you good future marriage life with your future spouse, and...... go and multiply!!! (hehehehehe) I dunno I'm going or not, see how la, even though free lunch, hahahah.
Sunday (25/4) A Holy day......

After a great church service, me and my cg members were hungry!!!! Went to this banana leaf restaurant, at Jati Commercial shops there, same row as RHB bank. We also call it Alex's place. The food is good there, just a bit pricey, but still ok la if go there once a while.

My lunch!! yum........Had mutton curry and mix veges. Vinod belanja bah,....thanks man! Had good fellowship with Vinod and his new friend, Wymen from Seremban. Friendly guy too. After lunch, 3 of us went to look for wrist watches. I brought them to Fong Sai Yick shop, which is famous for selling good and reasonable watches. Vinod finally bought one, a really nice watch, hahahah.
Then got a call from a fren in KL, she helped my bought a brand new Rami set for just RM100!! Wow, cheap la. Normal size and good quality some more. So now I need to wait til July I think for the Rami set. hhehehe.
Saturday (24/5) What a day.......

I had to wake up slightly bit early, coz need to service my car. Yeah, doing the wheel alignment. I somehow make an effort to keep track of when I need to service my car. So aligning the wheel need to be made every 4 months. What to do, Proton Wira car bah.

So after I dropped my car at the workshop, me, Ivy, Kah Seng and Ah Teng head off to a coffee shop for breakfast. I went to this particular shop which serves quite good curry noodle. Been quite a while since I had that, I guess almost 1 and half year. The shop is just beside the Pasar Tani.

After breakfast we went jln jln a bit, see see look look. Ah Teng look to the left.

Then to the right, hehehehe.......

Then went back to the workshop pick my car after the alignment service. So the day went on as usual, band practice in church, then 4pm go for badminton game in Parish hall. Good game I had.

Then reach home, cool and and shower. then feel hungry. Mom didn't cook. So, I just go to the fridge and see what i can cook for my simple dinner, hahaha. Seeing what i had in the kitchen, I cooked ABC soup instead. I never cook that soup before, so I guess, just give a try la.

I put some carrot, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, mince pork, onion, red dates, a cube of chicken stock (hehehe cheating ways), and just boil them.


Cooked!! Wow, the soup was great, I had 2 bowls of it. 1st time cook some more. Mom liked it too, kekekeke. Wanna try???

See my mom enjoying the soup..........yum!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am free!! I'm moving on..........

Wazzup everybody. Well, after some time of thinking and praying, finally now I'm prepared to share. I’m no longer in a relationship. Yeah, we mutually broke up few weeks back, for the 2nd time, Hahaha. Don’t wanna share the reason why we broke off. So please just let it be. We are still friends though, so let us live our separate lives peacefully as we continue to be friends. I don't wanna keep any negative mindset or any grudges for eachother, not worth it at all. So I wish and pray the best for her and that she’ll meet someone that she can be with happily for lifetime. And I’m sure she prays the same thing for me too.

Will we have the 3rd chance in the future? Well, I’m certain that we are looking/should look at the other side of the field for greener pastures, and not to look back again. Sweet memories and experience will be in my heart, and surely maturity and lessons gained are for our future benefit. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be ok and I’m handling it well, surprisingly. Time will heal. I'll have peace and joy in God. I read a blog teaching how to overcome broken hearted, which I find very helpful. Hahahaha. Wanna know the url? Belanja me yam cha la then I’ll tell you, hahaha.

So, now I’m single, I’m free, and…….I’m moving on!!! These are the mindset that I’m putting on for the meantime. It helps, heheh. Will march on forward for more challenges and see what God has in store for me. I’ll continue to hold on to God for He is my STRENGTH, and my friend also share to me to continue to RELY on God to guide me and provide me my needs. Greener pastures is what I will certainly looking forward too, hehe *wink *wink.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fishing trip (or male bonding?) Monday 19/5

We guys planned since 2 weeks ago that we'll go fishing. Me, Ka Seng, Alfie, Ah Teng and Kim Siong. So, we really went fishing yesterday, hahaha. We planned the trip from 7-10am only. Mana tau, lasted til almost 1.30pm!! Imagine, afternoon, no shade, under the sun!!! Yeah, I know you'll say that we are crazy, I think so too, hahahahha, what were we thinking??!!

1st stop, we fishes at the paya area. It's the short cut area between ranca ranca & sungai bedaun. We stopped at the 1st dam. Pasrk our car below the bridge. Unpack our stuff

Unload our gears, everybody bersemangat bah. The path to the fishing spot took around 5 mins walk inside. It was not an easy path, need to go through some shallow waters and mud. Kim Siong was our guide, he knows the good spot. Ka Seng went some difficulty, he accidentally stepped on soft mud and buried his right foot almost to the knee!! Hilarious man.

Ah.....finally reach the spot. Surprisingly no other ppl were there to fish, only us. We all put our stuff and wash our feet coz dirty from the mud and dry grasses.

We then quickly set up out gears and fish!! The view of the place is great and wide!

Alfie setting up his gears.

The view from the fishing spot. Nice rite.

Another view.

Vinod and Ling Ling joined us a bit later just to see see look look. Ah Teng and Alfie had to go back to bring them in, coz it's hard to find the way in, since Vinod and Ling Ling never been there before. We had sandwiches, nasi lemak and canned ice coffee for breakfast, yum!
The Vinod and Ling Ling went off after bout 30 mins with us. I heard they hard hard time making their way back to the car, and they got WET!! Actually the tide was coming up slowly. So the water level came up and maybe covered the tracks and unable to see the path properly,.....then.....bush!!!!! masuk air. I dunno how wet they gotten themselves into. Will know this Thursday, hahaha.
The fishing din yield any result, so disappointing la. Until 10.30am din caught anything. We had the right bait, the right time, but no fish, not even a bite!! sigh, so we pack and quickly head off to another spot to fish. The tide was at it's peak for the day, and hard more difficult time to go back to our cars. Thank God we didn't get wet, we slowly and carefully made our way back.
2nd spot, to the place where I went weeks early (u can see from my earlier post). Reached there at 11.30am, no shade, and sun was shining brightly. But we din even care much of the sun and just set up and fish! Gila......
Finally we caught some fishes, not big, small only. I caught about 5 fishes. Ka Seng caught the biggest fish, slightly bigger than my palm. Kerapu batu. He so happy, hahaha. At least we got the satisfaction la, got fish biting of the baits. But we were hoping to get big fish, sigh, wat to do. Have to wait next time lo.
We finished at almost 1.30pm, gila man, 2 hrs there under the sun. All of us become red!! Especially Alfie, hehehehe. He's the fairest of all of us. We headed off to medan for quick cold drink and some lunch before we head home, tired. hahahah. Well, it was ok la, though no good fish, but at least we had good fellowship la, male bonding bah, :P
Thank God for protection and good fellowship, AMEN!!!
Here fishy fishy fishy!! (Saturday 17/5)

Hungry, dunno wat to eat. Found a piece of frozen fish meat in the fridge, so I just cook it la, hantam la. I din read any recipe, just follow my instinct and cook!!

The ingredient i used : Ginger, garlic, dash of fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, white pepper. Mix all of them and marinade the fish for a while.

I also use stir fry shallots, half shallots, fry to brown, just to get the fragrance, and a bit of sweetness when they get soft.

Mix it all up, and put into the steamer.

Steam steam steam,.....jgn potong steam~~~~

The result. I din know it would have many gravy (result from the steam vapor collected). But it tasted very nice, surprisingly, hahahah. My mom liked it too. You should try my recipe, hehehe.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday, 12/5

Wisdom of the day, "We shape tomorrow’s world by what we teach our children today." – Psalm 78:1-8

Finding ways to encourage children’s love for learning while establishing them in the faith is an important investment in the future. – Dennis Fisher

I must agree as having smart and brilliant individuals but lack if moral values and the right faith would just bring no benefit to us and to this world. Instead, violence, unrest and war would just overcome the world, and everyone will suffer, and I mean EVERYONE.

Sunday!! A day to praise and worship the Lord, nothing should distract and come in your way to the Lord, nothing!! Or else you’ll fall short of God’s blessing, that’s what I think and agree. It was mother’s day too. So I planned days before to cook at home for my momma. I wanna cook coz I really don’t wanna think where to eat, even my mom also can’t make up her mind sometimes. Could risk having to wait long time for the food to arrive due to big crowds too, malas bah. So I just cook for her, a sincere action too bah, don’t you think so? Hahaha.
Well that nite I cooked lamb chop + pasta + vege. Big meal, hehehe. My mom can’t even finish them. Show you all the picture below.

Cooking pasta

Lamb chop

Into the oven u go......

Vege,...gonna steam them for a while only......

My mom's portion. Looks nice rite? ;)

My portion, of course more ler,.....big eater bah


Saturday, a bit abnormal day, can’t get used to it, but have to la, hehehehe. It was an ok day for me, lunch with frens & CG members, normal band practice, badminton with some frens, but a bit potong steam, but nvm la, have to get used to it though.

At night went out yam cha with Brooke, Lionel and his GF, hehehehe. Just chit chatting, wasting some time before I knock off to my bed after midnite. When yam cha, the weather suddenly changed and big wind+rain came pouring quite violently, so we moved into the cafĂ© instead, hahaha. Luckily we did not got wet. When I reached home, had a small bottle of Blue Nun white wine. Bought it early in the afternoon, just to try as see how good was it. It was ok, guess I’m not a wine fan, but I do drink wine still, but I don’t know how to grade them and to know if they are really good or not. For me they tasted like any other wine, hahahhha. Anyone wanna teach me some wine tasting lessons??

My wine



Friday! Looking forward to it coz of the weekend, hahahha, can relax and enjoy a bit. Brooke Anne was back in town, for mother’s day, hahaha, good girl ho. Well I picked her up at the airport at nite, coz her mom was having CG. So off we went to Sung Hwa for seafood, wat else, CRAB especially. We ordered 1kg crab, cooked sweet&sour and "kam heong". Then we had Thai chicken and a vege. Quite a good meal ler, a bit pricey, but nvm la….skali skala.

The restaurant. Dunno why the pic looks dark.....

The view of the sea from my table. It's at the wet market actually.


Buuuuuuuuuuurrrrrpppp.......opps.....again.....hahaha.....nice bah


Cell group resumed after almost 3 weeks break, due to me being in KL and last week had this Trilingual prayer meeting and also CL Retreat. Finally resume, been hoping everyone were looking forward to the CG, heheheh,…..fill with fun and laughter, and also learning of course.
Surprisingly there’s 13 of us attended! Not bad. The CG was very lively, talking and joking, wat a group. CG was good, better than I expected. Everybody shared during the Word, encouraged by it. Hope every week will be this good and that everyone will be richly blessed by this CG.


It Was a Wednesday. Bit busy at work, and felt bit tired too. Dunno why. Lunch in the office, brought my lunch from home nowadays, save money and more healthy for me, hahahah. Had sandwiches and apple. Healthy rite? ; )
Then later in the afternoon, Kim Siong sms me to go fishing after work. Cool! My fishing rod was still with him since the Cell Leaders’ Retreat last week. Looking forward to it man! As we reach the fishing spot with Kah Seng too, straight away fish! I was still with my working attire on, except my shoes, changed to my gym shoes, coz if I were not to fish on that day, I would have gone to the gym.
At my 1st casting I got some big bites! But din manage to hook them. So fast the bait at the hook finished. ai……I wonder if they are just small fishes. Been casting quite a while but can’t manage to hook any. Keep biting the baits, I know coz I can feel they are pulling the bait bit by bit. Getting lazy liaw. Suddenly Kah Seng reeled in a crab!! I was like, how did he manage to get it?

As I got closer to the crab, the crab actually got tangled to the line, so lucky ah him. The size was big enough to eat. But too bad, Kah Seng can’t eat it coz he’s allergic to it. So I minta the crab from him to bring home eat, hahahahah. Since I was gonna be at home alone coz my mom went out for meeting.

Finally I caught a fish after almost an hour later. But……just a small one, not enough to fill a person’s stomach. Just bout over 4 inch long only, aiii……. Kim Siong also caught one, same size as mine, same type of fish too, hahahahah. Soi again. But nevermind la, there’s always next time and other place to fish.

Steam crab, hahahaha. Surprisingly it was good, the shell were very thin, easy to break into to get the meat out.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cell Leaders' Retreat in Tenom (1-3 May 2008)

Tiring!!! After 4 nights rest, since I came back from my KL trip, I had to go off again. This time to Taman Pertanian Sabah in Tenom, with a group of COHS Cell Leaders, for retreat. I actually haven’t been to a Cell Leaders’ retreat before. Or I think been quite some time since they have this retreat, dunno which was correct. Anyways, We left Labuan by speedboat to Menumbok. This trip was a new experience for me. Most are 1st time experience. Well I’ll tell you wat’s new for me as we go along k?

At the terminal

The entrance

Ok back to speedboat, it was my 1st experience, hahahaha. Normally always use the big ferry to Menumbok, but this time we used the speedboat, coz we need to cut the travelling short.


Our land transport was in Menumbok earlier already. Well planned. Then off we go to Beaufort 1st for breakfast. I had watan mee, it was ok, nothing special. Forgot to take pic of my noodle. The place we had breakfast is very spacious, they said it was a cinema long before, cool. Now mostly used as restaurant for wedding banquet. You know la, Chinese, must have wedding banquet. There are quite a number of Chinese living in Beaufort

The van is getting uncomfortable......wish I was in the Prado car, hehehe.

Beaufort Town

Another view

This building was where we had our breakfast together. Big place.

While in Beaufort, Kim Soing and I rushed to his cousin’s place to get some fish tackles, lures and small equipments. Yes, he’s a fishing freak. I like fishing too, but not as crazy as him. I bought a couple of different lures for my own use during the trip and also when I have the time to fish in Labuan. Cheap bah, coz his cousin gave good discounts. Great! I was told that there are big fishing ponds in the place we’re gonna live. I’m excited man! Thinking that I would catch load of big fishes!!

The market we passed through.

Loads of stuff!! fresh somemore

Up we go to Tenom! I traveled in the church van, Toyota, old car, but dun estimate the power oh, dun pray pray!! Hhahaha. But the travel to Tenom almost turned into disaster. Little that I realise that the car was not working properly until we reach a stop in Tenom, Ps David’s sister’s place.
The drive initially was ok, smooth, until when we start to go uphill, where we need to go through a big hill, so the journey becomes slower as we went up the hill. The weather becomes more cooling, see the scenery outside was quite eye catching. Mists of clouds appearing near the peak of the hill. And scenery below, beautiful, green……..let the pic speak to you. Feel like I was is Genting, hahahhah….cool air,…..
As we reached the peak, then finally we slowly make our way down the hill. It was not steep. So I just relax as the back seat of the van alone. Suddenly I feel like the van is not properly handled. I wonder what the drive was doing. Kim Siong was our driver that day. I look at the road, looks fine, but there’s some part with large potholes and uneven road maybe due to minor corrosion, but still drivable. Suddenly I see there’s a very uneven road ahead as we’re going downhill, but the van doesn’t seem to be slowing down!! I was like……WTF!!! Too late, the van just went through that uneven road, made the van bounced roughly, and I knocked the roof twice!!! Luckily nothing serious happened to me, just a minor pain on my head. I almost got pissed at the driver, though that he purposed do that. So I just cool down and looking at the passengers if they are alright. Seem like everybody are ok. But the trip downward didn’t just stop there. The smell of burn rubber went into the van, and I instantly realise the brakes are overheating. But weird, It’s only 8 of us in the van, and we’re not overloading the van, how come easily getting this burnt smell? I just ask the driver to get into 2nd gear just to reduce any potential damage to the brakes. He did that and the really loud coz having to use the engine to slow the van down as we were still going downwards.

When we reached the flat land, I felt bit relieved, but still wondering what the driver was doing. I realised the truth when we reach the a stop at Ps David’s sister’s place. The van’s brake oil was almost EMPTY!!!! WAH!!! Thinking back, if the van wasn’t carefully handles, we could go down the hill like logs if the van flipped over. The imagination made me paused a bit, thinking of my life, and my love ones. That’s the 1st thing I thought. And prayed thanksgiving to God. I would think that this was one of the closest experience that I could easily be with the Lord.

Ps David's sister's dog,......a Shitzu!!!

So they quickly went to buy the brake oil and we continue on another 20 mins journey to our retreat spot, Taman Pertanian Sabah, Tenom!! I’ll explain further below as we go through the pics I posted.


Everybody sakai,...including me....hahahah..1st time bah to that place.

More sakai looks

Then when we were brought to our hostel, we settle down fast and hungry, hehehe. The hostel are ok, a bit better than expected. Got fridge somemore.

Our quick lunch. Black bean "piang", heheheh. Don't get fooled by the looks, it was actually very good. Honestly.....for me, it's the best I had in my life!!! Labuan pun kalah. I dun had it until in the late evening, then I realised it was very good!!

"Ko Chung" made by Ps David's sister. Very nice indeed. Got 2 types, pork+mushroom, and pork+peanuts.

Curry puffs. Nice also. Not very special la....but still good.

After makan, we prepare ourselves for our 1st session of the day.

Sing song.

After session shared by Rev. David, we have free time. Me and Kim Siong buat apa lagi, fishing la!! We faster faster go......

Setup my rod

Waiting for fish to bite!!

One of the view of the pond.

Patiently waiting.....hehehehe. But in the end din catch any, sigh......nvm.......tomolo got time again.

We had dinner at the restaurant. Actually we're the only guests that stayed in the park. So we have the place all to ourselves. We asked the restaurant to cook for us, buffet style. The food are ok, nothing special, good enough to fill out stomach.

People sitting down and wait for the dinner

The food. We only have 3 dishes.

The food. Not bad la.........

I stayed in the room with Rev David, Kim Siong, and James Ng. played some English chess with James. Very hard to beat him, and it is a thinking game, really got bit dizzy after playing with him, hahaha.

Next morning, fresh cold morning, and after devotion, led by Ps David, we hungry lo.....go breakfast lor.

Discussing strategy on how to catch fish, hahaahha.

The famous Tenom coffee,.hehhehehe. nice oh....


Showing you more of the view of the place

Very big pond

The hills, very nice scenery indeed.

This is where we had our meals, the restaurant

Evening view, very nice.......

This is the group photo. The experience was good. Had good refresher sessions from Rev. David, and a session of ministering and praying for each other. Good! And I feel refreshed, hehehe. Hope I can be a better CL and will do my best to bring up my CG to a new level, AMEN!!!! The fishing? well, both of us din caught any, don't know why the fish didn't bite!!! Next time,....there will be next time!!!!