Friday, July 11, 2008

FUTSAL (11/7/08)

Today my colleague from other dept invited me for futsal game with other colleagues. Been quite a while since I touch a soccer ball. Well this game is on a concrete or different soft surface, not grass. So I accepted the invitation and went for a try. We had the game at a place which was a tennis court, own by Perbadanan Labuan. I'm not sure if it's gonna be under the company's expenses, but so far nobody collect any fees from me (on sharing basis). So I guess will be under company's expenses, which should be fine. It is good to spend on sports activities, get the employees to be more healthier, especially me, hahahah.

The place was nice, floor painted nicely, with high fence surround the area. Nice place to play, except it's an open area, not shaded. So the rain will practically ruin the game. there were almost 20 of us, din expect the turnout to be big. (actually our workforce is about 600 ppl, hahahah). The game was tiring, even though each game only last bout 7-10 mins, then switch. Running up and down. It's good for me la, working out my cardio. Will try to involve more next time, need to build stamina and cardio healthy-ness.

One of other reason that I went is also to build friendship among my colleagues, coz most of the time at work I only confine within my cubicle and my dept, didn't really walk around and socialize, coz my dept is quite busy with paperwork. Only once a while that I do talk for a bit and joke around with my own dept colleagues. I wanna know more people outside my dept, so I guess this is a kick-start to get to know more of them.

Got spectators somemore, hehehehe

Wah, the team are discussing strategies, scary.........
Fat or thin, all can play!!!

Happiness and frustration, wahahahah......

Tiring man running up and down. But I did pull some tricks or strategies to beat the opponents, but still can't score, gotta try run faster for the ball, hehehehe. Some of them are quite skillful, playing few tricks to deceive the opponents, amazing. Will ask them to teach me next time, must learn.

I was there for only an hour coz at 6pm I have badminton game with the usual friends, and somemore wanna explore more with my new badminton racquet bah. Surprisingly I still have the energy to play badminton and I did play well today, guess it was the racquet, hahaha. Thank You Lord for the wonderful and fruitful day with friend and colleagues. Hope to know to know my colleagues more closer in times to come. AMEN!!
Another new TOY

Bought my new badminton racquet, Yonex somemore. I can't use other brand (especially FLEET) and they are not suitable for me and would injure my elbow joint and "urat". Yonex racquet suits me well. The model is Armortec 300, costs me nearly RM400. Well I will have to get one anyways coz I have to return the Yonex Muscle Power back to my friend, borrowed from him for quite a while, very nice to use. So far my new racquet suits me, as it is built for offensive shot and double oriented. Of course I will need time to get used to it and hopefully will improve more on my skill in the near future, BEWARE all of you badminton players!!! BE AFRAID!!!! You can see my racquet here
Seafood FEASTING (8/7/08)

After tiring gym exercise, went home and hungry. So I cooked seafood!!! Tuna fish and the freshwater prawns the we got from the Holy Cross missionaries. The prawns I cooked drunken prawn, hehehehe, steady leh, my 1st attempt. The tuna I sort of grilling or searing, also my 1st attempt.

I bought yellowfin tuna from the wet market, recommendation from Ah Teng. He say in Japan it's quite a good seafood meat, which can also eat raw if very fresh. The real market actually cost a bomb. But in Labuan only RM13/kg, which is about the average price for good fish.

The prawns were drunk before I steam them

Mom stir fry the vege, must have vege in your meal ah, keep healthy ah.....

My tuna!! I marinade them for a while before searing them. (recipe from the Internet)

Yum, very nice looking....... I used Chinese cooking wine, which actually taste a bit too strong. should have used "tapai" instead, giving that sweetness, which I actually preferred. Nevermind la, next time will use tapai, hehehehe.

Yum!! Itadakimasu!!!!

My mom got quite a fair bit of fresh water prawns from the Holy Cross mission team and also dry prawns. I'm not sure she got it for free or not. But I know she had it coz she went to mission with a group to Kuala Sapi (in Sabah) and somehow all of them got the prawns today. Not bad man. The prawns were very fresh. I quickly take a handful and cook for my dinner!! heheheh

My ingredient for my prawn dish

See how big and fresh!!

I cooked sweet and sour prawn.

Nice leh,.....too bad no share for u.............oledi in my stomach.

Another view of the dish

Juicy. Well the texture is not what I expected. As I used to eating sea-prawn, the sea-prawn meat are firm. but this prawn was very soft and squishy. Not firm meat, a bit mashy type. But the taste is still good. I'm sure it was rotten, hahahahah. Overall was good. Thank you Lord for the food yum yum!!!
Birthday for ALFIE LIAU (27/6/08)

Was celebrating late nite birthday for Alfie. brought some snack and CHANG beer to celebrate and fellowship together with other CG members. Since he's a PORK fan, we bought a PIG cake for him, hahahah. Happy birthday man!! May you be blessed and MULTIPLY!!! *wink* *wink*

Here piggy piggy piggy.......
LOUSY DAY (24/6/08)

Was really a lousy day, made me feel so stupid that night. Before my working hours up (before 4pm), I got the news saying that the petrol stations are gonna go on strike for 3 days. Some even say up to 2 weeks!!! That's the 1st time I hear such rumours. At 1st I don't really wanna believe it coz it sounds so impossible. In the meantime I notice that my car fuel tank only left about RM10-15 worth of fuel, which could roughly last at the max 2 days. But, dun care la, left the office and went for badminton game with my CG members. They also knew about such rumours. On the way to COHS, the Petronas Petrol kiosk was packed and Q-ing long line!!! Wat the, really tat serious ah????

After my badminton game, I initially decide to go home, not wanting to fill up my car, but still, the cars were blocking the road because of them Q-ing up at the petrol kiosk!!! Celaka, since I have to get myself stuck at the jam, I might as well Q up to fill my car too. I was using the road towards Sekolah Teknik, nearby there got a petrol kiosk. The jam started really far away nearby the Peladang there. Aiyo!!!! So long!!! All the way my car was on 1st gear, seriously, 1st gear!!! U know how long it took me to eventually fill up my car? 2 HOURS. Yes, 2 FREAKING HOURS!!! Almost loose my patients. Not only I wasted my time, eventually my car also almost failing me. It's engine was vibrating like nobody's business when I drive. Have to send to the workshop and spent RM100 to fix it. Pissed man. The worst thing is, it was just a rumours!!!! WTF!!!! (excuse me for my language, can't help it). Made me feel really stupid ler. Who started that rumour really hebat. Repent man, I tell again,....REPENT!!!! (hehehe)

See the long Q...........sigh......made myself breathing carbon monoxide the whole 2 hrs. Had to off the air cond and wind down the glass to save gas,...........sigh,.....SIGH!!!!

FAMILY DAY (22/6/08)

The family day was great. Better than I expected. But I didn't get to play the game, coz I was the game master at one of the stations. I was posted in Chimney Point. Sorry no pictures ler, too busy with the event and forgot to take some. At my station, they participants only need to take pictures. I'm the photographer and they need to do 3 posts:- emotions, superheroes, and kung fu style. It was fun and funny, seeing them doing the poses for the camera. It was an easy tasks for them, but I do make sure they pose properly or else I won't take the pics, hahahaha.

Dinner was great too, everybody was busy fellowshipping, even though the food were not really adequate, guess got hungry ghost. We are supposedly to pay RM10 each for adult and RM5 for kids for the COHS to arrange the food. Wat to do......

The prize giving ceremony's atmosphere was HOT and HANGAT!! People cheering around, thsi and that. Wat an atmosphere!! Never thought that everyone are so into it. Tha church was packed! Waiting and wanting to know who's the winner.

Overall it was good, shall we have it again next year? hmmmm.....we'll seee,....but.......I will choose to participate, not helping out, it!!!!?? hehehe
Updating time

Sorry dear readers for not updating my blog. Been a month already since the last post, paiseh paiseh, hahahah. Got so many things to post and share. So you all slowly read ah.

POWERBALL!! Yes, I have a new toy!! The name of the toy is powerball. Wat's that thing? Well I consider it a toy and also a exercising tool for my arms. You can see more HERE. I got it on a Friday (20/6/08) Been waiting for about 3 weeks for that. you can see more of the pics at the website above. As of now (11/7/08) the pics below is my record. Does anybody wanna challenge me? hehehehe, bring it on!!!

My current record. I think it's consider above average. World record is more than 15k!! Gila man.

Another view.