Saturday, June 09, 2007

Young Adult Conference trip (29/5 - 2/6)

The YA Conference which I attended, was a tiring trip. Most of the time we were on the road. And I do most of the driving. Well it's a good experience as it was the 1st time that I drove from Menumbok to KK, and from KK to Kundasang. Overall it was a good and blessed trip. Nobody got hurt, no major arguments between us, no rebellious ppl among us, it was all good and smooth.

I actually wouldn't have the opportunity to join the conference, due to me getting the new job that I wanted, which supposedly to start on the 1st of June. But my manager, being so understanding and helpful, gone thru bit of hassle in order to let me join the conference, Praise The Lord!! For me, it was one of the greatest blessing moments that I received from God. If u have the willingness and the fire to Learn from God, He'll prepare the way, no matter how impossible things can be. I got the job that I wanted, and now even give me the opportunity to attend the Conference which ended on 1st of June, and my manager gave me permission to start work on the 4th of June, isn't God great??!!

The 1st day, at the jetty, I was given the authority to drive the church's van. A lot of people boarded the ferry, I guess can reach about a thousand ppl. Coz the next 2 days were the public holidays, harvest festival for the Kadazans. Kaamatan festival.

Goodness, so many ppl!!

and More ppl!

long queue eh.....

The view from the car park in the ferry, full capacity, due to the festival holidays.

Too many people were in the seating room upstairs and it was warm and smelly inside, so we all lepak in the church van, with engine running so that we can use the air-cond to cool us down. Really hot weather that time. We played cards (cho dai dee) and chit chatting.

As soon as we reached Menumbok, we drove out and stop at nearby shops to go to the loo to "release". Then we straight head to KK!! Oh yeah, before that we stopped by Papar to a particular shop to try out its famous Pau. Many types of pau they sell. It was good, cheap, and lots of ingredients in the "pau". When we headed home on the last day, we pre-ordered about 200 "pau" in variety types to bring back to Labuan. Gila betul!!

Our 1st stop in KK, The ARK. (Anglican Retired Kampung, i think tat's the name) That's where we stayed for the night before we headed to Kundasang the next morning where the conference was. The ARK was nice and comfortable. They have a place where we can stay, like a hostel room, but better, got air-cond, connecting toilet and great view at the corridor. Of course we have to pay, I think it was RM40 per room, and I was sharing with someone, so we shared the costs. Not bad wo the price, worth to stay if you're planning to go KK. The person in charge of the place is Ps. Yee Ting Kong, great man of God and he and his wife are taking care of the elderly who stayed there. Not an easy job to do, trust me.

The next morning, before we headed off to Kunsadang, we went the this nearby kopi tiam to have our breakfast. it's know for its Tuaran mee, however u wished it to be cooked, fry, kon lo, soup, apa pun ada. It was ok,...but not as good as the last time we had last year. See the girl at the far end (above), she's snowangel, another blogger, hehehehe.

Faster, pay up!!!

To Kundasan we go!! At the mid way towards the destination, we stopped by a place, forgot wat is was called. The place sells a lot of stuff. Fruits, junk food, and more. (see for urself) I bought 2 rows of bananas to feed everyone, so tat they can do "big" business. coz wat I noticed that, most ppl have this problem not able to do big business while on the trip outside Labuan, even including myself sometimes. It can really affect your mood and maybe appetite. That's wat I think la. So sort of force them to eat when we were at the destination, hehehehe.

more views of the place.

the view on the mountain while on the road. Not visible, cloudy bah.

When we reach kundasan, at Perkasa Hotel where we stayed, we were a bit tired, check in our bags to our room. A friend of mine noticed a NAIL stuck to one of the van's tyres! Shocked, but surprisingly the tyre haven't punctured. So we hurried of to the nearest shop and get it repaired. It was a holiday, so we were worried that no shops will open. thank God there's a shop open for our arrival, hehehehhe. We got the tyre fixed in no time.

The worker carefully repairing it.

Soon after we repaired the tyre, we went back to the hotel and still have to wait for my room to be prepared, after bout 20 mins+ we got our keys and straight away headed off to our room. We were in the 8th floor, the highest. 9th floor is the conference room. The view from my room was awesome!!

View from my room. We can even have a great view of the Mount Kinabalu!! scroll down for this great picture!

We go down lepak, to get fresh air, cool air indeed, but as cool as the older days, a sign of global warming??

The mountain view at about 6.30pm. Not bad wo.

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant, for all of the participants. They organisers even serve us wine!! Well, i'm a bit surprised with it. for me it's not a usual thing to have for some church event. i'm not saying it's not a good thing. For me it's a bit out of the ordinary. Maybe it's a way to treat us like really ADULT?? I dunno....hahahah.

Early morning!!! See this great view!!! Really nice view at the 8th floor!! heheeeh.

The wife of Rev. Paul Lau, Audrey Pang. Knew her in FCC, Subang. Nice and friendly lady. She's part of the organising committee.

We were assigned to groups, which comprises of ppl from other churches, so we get to know eachother and learn from eachother. The next pics we had this small games where we were given instructions on where to go and take pictures to show as proof. We had this game in Poring, a place where there natural hot water, poring, hahahah. dun really know how to explain. anyways, our group used my camera phone to take the pictures. firstly is the entrance.

Then another entrance. I dunno which entrance the instructions meant.

More pics.

Faster, dun walk so slow!!


Next destination, the nearest waterfall.

Not bad the scenery, wish could have more time to lepak, but have to rush.

More pics, with leaves.

and more leaves,....

Then in the hot spring tub.

swimming pool...

Hanging bridge

After the games, we rested and lepak for a bit. And then Headed off to St Paul's Church, Ranau. There we had our BBQ dinner. The church is considered quite new, bout 2-3yrs old. Quite a big church.

Another view of the place

inside view of the church, spacey man.

The hosts at work, cooking the "meat", hehehe

more of the view.

We had a bit of praise and worship before we started our feast.

Everyone enjoying themselves

They even have those steamboat style food. Got fish ball, chicken balls, vegetable, and more.

The view of the Hotel.

While I was doing the morning devotion outside, I came across this Bug! Been a Long time since I saw this. I kacau the thing a but and it straight away put up a defence on me. Brave bug it was.

Another view of it.

The crowd at the conference.

On the way back to KK. The weather was WET the whole day, even til nite!! The road is misty, very misty, made me drive slowly then usual, safety 1st ok, not sissy.

The condition outside wisma Merdeka. Still raining heavily. A car broke down and cannot start, poor them.

The water level, quite high oh.

or dinner, at Mc Donald's!!! herhhehh, my favourite, Big Mac!!

The view of CentrePoint, KK.

The final day, back to Labuan. Left KK very early in the morning. And again we stopped by Papar, that particular shop that we had PAU on the 1st day. We had breakfast there, and surprisingly they serve quite a number of varieties of foods. I have noodle with brinjal, chicken feet and bit of pork. It's ok la,...and dun forget the 200+ pau that we ordered to bring back to Labuan, hahahah.