Sunday, September 21, 2008

KL TRIP (11-15 SEPT'08)

Recently went to KL /Subang trip for few reason:-

1) Attend Nick Poh's wedding. A good friend of mine since primary school. Did lot's of crazy stuff together, serving the same church. Happy for him that he found someone (Tracy) that he can spend the rest of his lives with. May God Bless them both abundantly together.

2) Buy new PC parts for my room, been 4 years since I update my PC. Cannot tahan, slow and lag. Time to update. Will post on teaching you how to setup PC later.

3) Hang out with friends and siblings.

Upon reaching my brother's place in Subang, Viviana was in his room lepak and online on my bro's PC, waiting for me, hahahaha (I guess)

Unpack my stuff. Brought so many stuff to KL, especially Viviana's food, sambal & stewed pig's tongue. Sayang, I didn't get to try them.

Next day morning, me, my bro and Viviana make a trip to KL, Low Yat to be specific. To achieve my 2nd mission for this trip.

Waiting at the bus stop. So ngam that 3 of us wearing RED. Auspicious colour? hahaha

Another pose.

In the bus to KL Sentral. Got LCD tv somemore, for our viewing pleasure and killing time while travelling to our destination.

When we reach Low Yat, we were so hungry, and I was a bit sleepy from lack of sleep, got lots of mosquitoes that nite, arrggghhh!!! So I grab a cup of ice coffee from Old Town coffee shop in Low Yat to start my day, nice coffee, only RM3++, way cheaper than Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Highly recommended for cash strap ppl, hahahaha.

Then we head to the computer shop sections to grab their price listings for the day to target which place to buy with bargaining prices.

View of the computer shops around that plaza.

Another view

Lot's of stuff man, my heaven I may say,..hahahaha

After getting the price listing, we head of to Sushi King in the same plaza for our brunch. Too hungry liaw. While eating we scrolling through the PC parts prices.

The establishment

The view in the restaurant

Another view


I ordered soba noodle, share among us, just to try out. Haven't tried any Japanese noodles before.

Looks nice man, it's only vegetable, good for our digestion ah....

Burpppp.......nice food I may say.

Viviana, happy with the meal

Cam whoring??

After the meal, we head off to Berjaya Time Square for short walk around, since Viviana haven't been there yet. And I had in mind to get a pair of walking shoes. What's the popular brand? Yes, CONVERSE. Even though it may not really fit my age (not going to tell you), but I'll go for a try anyways, who know it might suit me despite my age, hahahah.

There's a shop that sells wide variety of shoes with different brand, including Converse. But that shop do sells quite a large variety of Converse shoes. See the 2 pics taken, all are Converse brand alone, a lot man, how to choose????

Well, I go for what my bro and Viviana recommended, tried a few.

In the end, I get a decent colour, slightly dark grey with a hint of green to it. Looks nice on me doesn't it? Well my bro said it looks nice, and not so pricey too, for a Converse. So I grabbed that pair.

Roller coaster. Viviana sakai bah, never knew there's indoor roller coaster in the Time Square, hahahhah. Dare her to try, but she pass.

After grabbing my shoes, and to Low Yat to get my PC stuff, we head off back to Subang, as we have an appointment with Brooke for Karaoke. Yes, a place were we can sing our heart out.

In KL Sentral waiting for bus. Hot and sunny. Good thing we took Rapid KL bus. For RM2, we can take the bus anywhere for a day. So it's not costly to travel actually, but it's time consuming.


Upon reaching Sunway Pyramid, we head of for our Karaoke session in Redbox in that mall itself. Friday evening they serve buffet and a private room from 6pm-10pm. It's all in a package. It may be a bit too pricey for you, but once a while ok bah. It was RM44++ per head.

Choosing our songs.

Our food. Buffet was ok. Can't expect more as we have our private room to sing and eat at the same time, so for me it's worth it.

Macam superstar bah...

View of the Karaoke TV and menu screen

Another view

Suka si Viviana. It's a place where we can make ourself a superstar for a night, haahaha.


After our karaoke session we head back home to my bro's place. Next session is fellowship, with fellow close young Labuanites and some close FCC frens. We hangout at my bro's place, talking and have some decent "drink", hehehehe.

I brought DANZKA vodka from Labuan (duty free bah). Mixed with some juices and soda's to make a cocktail It was ok, not bad. I'm the bartender of the nite, hahahaha.

The crown

My bro enjoying the cocktails, Viviana too...hahaha. Don't worry, no one got drunk. It's just to spice up of fellowship.

SATURDAY (13/9/08)

Next morning, head of for our brunch. We woke up a bit late, even tough not really having proper sleep.

Went to Station 1 in SS15. I think it's a new place, never been there before. The place and the environment was ok. Food was nice too. I had nasi lemak.

View of the establishment.

Menu book

The 3 siblings...

Another view.

I dunno what it's called. A side dish But tastes good.

My bro's meal. the service was good, I have to say. Initially after eating almost half of my meal, I found out that my chicken rendang was cold, so we told the waiter bout the issue and he right away change it for me, a whole new set. That means I ate more than what I bargain for, thumbs up for service, hahahaha.

After the meal and run some small errands, we prepared ourself for the big event, Nick Poh's wedding.

The wedding was hel in a hotel. I'm not good inspelling the hotel's name. I think it's frnech, hahahah. You can see more of the wedding pics at Eric's facebook.

Reception after the wedding ceremony.

Really good snacks.

Gellatin prawns??? something very new to me.

Siok ah makan....

After that we head of to Eric and JonTse's room to lepak a while before the wedding dinner.

View of the room. Very spacious.

The poolside view from the room. Nice view man, I think the 2 guys enjoy the view very much during the day time, if u know what I mean, hahaha.

Another view from the room.

Met Ah Tek, he's invited for the dinner, great to see him again.

Lepaking, enjoying the comfor of the room.

By 7.30pm we head off to the ballroom. Outside the ballroom there's a drinks reception and registeration. They served fruit punch and wine. Apa lagi, hantam wine la. By 8pm the ballroom is open for us to sit ourself.

The view of the stage.

The environment, dim lighting, very relaxing environment, I liked it.

the decoration on the dinner table

Another view of the table. Very creative indeed.

Sprinkled some rose petals around the table, made it look quite romantic. Very nice....

1st dish, cold platter. The service is good. Apparently each waiter is assigned to a specific table. So the service is fast and efficient. Any additional orders sich as drink can be ordered in a jiffy.

As the dinner draws to a close, I headed home to Subang. I tumpang Ah Tek's car as he is staying in Subang too, very near to Pyramid Mall. but my bro wasn't home yet, having his late supper with his friends, so no choice but to join him for a while. They were at "The Beans", just accross Station 1 cafe that I went earlier in the day for brunch.

Hang out with a bunch a chit chatting, get to know some new face around. I'm trying to be friendly ok.


Another view of the crowd.


After Sunday service @ FCC

Parking spot @ Pyramid Mall.

My new shoes

Carl's Junior, good place for good burger, fantastic fries, better than McD.

Feast on this!!!!

Baskin Robin anyone?

What flavors?

Hmmmmm....what should we get?

How bout big-nose ice-cream scoop?

Nah......we'll just settle for this one..... Jomaco + Choc fudge banana ice-cream.

They loved the sofa.......

Yes, Aunty Anne's pretzels....very nice....



Mau juga org suap......

I suap myself.........

Big mouthful oh.....

After some good snacks, we head off to have a look at the skating ring. just see see look look

Pyramid's IT mall section

A view from the mall,....the Lagoon theme park.

Fashion show @ fashion avenue...we're just passing thru, and they were having this event. Luckily have the chance to wash my eyes.....hahaha....

Another view.

Next fashion show competition is the gothic style fashion. It was a simple competition. Like that also got....

Monday afternoon lunch at McD @ KL Sentral before leaving for LCCT.


My always have coffee bean Ultimate ice-blended

Met my dear ex-colleague in LCCT, same flight back to Labuan. She was in KL for short holiday with her brother. glad to see her, and we practically talk and talk and talk, everything.....hahah.

Lining up to board the plane.

My meal in the plane. Nasi beryani. Not that nice as expected.

After long chat, finally come to a stop, a bit tired, same goes to me, so had short nap, hahaha.

Well, my KL trip was good. Had fun, met lots of my old frens to hang out, Nick's wedding was a success, happy for him. Met my ex-colleague on the way back to Labuan, good company to have. Overall I'm satisfied, despite have to spend quite a big sum in this trip, but money can earn back, friendship, experience and memories are priceless. Thank you Lord for safe journey, for friends and family. AMEN!!!!