Friday, July 17, 2009

Singapore Business trip (13-14/7)

Been quite a while since I've visited Singapore. Finally got the chance to travel there. Was on a business trip, meeting with some important on business matters.

Not much people travel through KLIA on the international area. I wonder why. Or was I on the different hall since we're only travelling to Singapore instead of other further countries?

Really look empty.

KL now is hazy. 2 weeks ago it was good weather. Damn those neighbouring countries' bush/forest fires. Really been an issue for many years.

Chivas 25 yr old whiskey. Rare find even in Labuan. Very Pricey

Me and colleagues stayed at Meritus Mandarin Hotel, at the famous shopping area, Orchard Rd.

The view from my room

Greeted while entering my room.

The room is really nice. Just a deluxe room. Got many sorts of magazines that I can read during free / relax time. Even give complimentary National Geographic magazine for me to bring home.

Cordless phone somemore.

My bed, so comfy. In the early evening the room service will come in and take away the decorations on the bed and get the bed ready.

Other view.


U see the resting chair beside the bed? That is a very comfortable chair. So comfy that I can really sleep on it. No need my bed anymore. It's easy adjustable and can rest my legs too, while watching the LCD tv.

Working table

I love the toilet. It has almost everything!

Bath tub, but I didn't get to use it, not enough time to enjoy.

So many toiletries, for free!!! (hehe)

Even got weighing scale, especially for the food lovers to monitor themselves.

This shower room is one of a kind. It has 6 spray nozzles that spray horizontally toward your body.

Closer look, can u see the nozzles rite?

The nozzles at work, see how they spray. I can just position them to spray which part of my body. So you can easily guess where I position the bottom 2 nozzles la rite? wahahahahah.

Took some pics of the area around the hotel.

Yes, I'm really at the ORCHARD ROAD

Another view.

Quick browse at the Takashimaya mall and bought light snack before meeting. Sushis!!! hehehe. Price is ok, not too bad, considering that they are fresh and nice!

After meeting, went dinner with my colleagues and the clients at a famous restaurant. Seeing this clam, can't resist not to take picture. Didn't get to eat that though. Didn't get to take pics during dinner, afraid the clients and colleagues felt appalled by my behaviour, hehe. Next time.

Night shot's from my hotel room.

While doing quick browse at the mall after dinner, found this durian puff!!! I must try!!!! So i bought a pack of four.

The puff were surprisingly good!!! The durian paste were actually real fresh durian puree. No additives / preservatives. And generous fillings. No regrets buying them. costs me SGD3.50.

Generous filling, not sure if u can see the fillings clearly.

After that went outside for short walk, and took some pics around.

The place, and the road system are good. Very systematic, comfortable and clean. The pedestrian walkway is super wide! I think can fit 2 car lanes!

See how wide!!

Next morning breakbuffet at 39th floor. The views are great, minus the hazy condition, really turn off.

It's the shopping season in Singapore, and the Changi Airport also having sales. Each of us were givan an SGD5.00 voucher to spend on with a minimum SGD20 in a single receipt. Really good! So many shops with free duty are around the airport, very different from KLIA.

Another view of the airport shopping area.

Overall the trip was good. Meeting was productive. Travel was on time, bit tiring. Then got an urgent call for meeting in KL the next 2 days! So need to rush the reports for the meeting, and need to travel to KL. Next post on KL trip coming up!

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