Saturday, July 18, 2009

KL business trip 2 (15-16/7)

This trip I didn't get to bring my camera, as I thought it would be a very short trip and won't have anything unusual/special. The day before I was only got back from Singapore. Boy I was wrong. Regret didn't bring my camera and have to settle with my 3mp camera phone instead.

Stayed at ParkRoyal Hotel opposite Sungei Wang shopping mall. Very strategic place for shopping. But I was there for urgent meeting.

Pics below are my room, share with an engineer. Thank God we got a twin bed room. Initially there's not twin bed and only king size bed available. Bahaya ni, persuaded the counter lady to keep finding the room we preferred, hahaha. Finally got one!!

It's a special room we got arranged to. We the pics then u'll know. See the toilet, GLASS wall!!!. I was shocked!!! I was like "I'm not going to show my jewels to the guy I'm sharing the room with while I'm in the toilet!!" The he went in and have a look, and thank God there's blinder to close the toilet view, phew!!!!

View of my room


Comfy beds

DVD player somemore.

Toilet view. got 2 rooms..

Shitting room

and shower room. This shower room got this horizontal spray thingy which is almost the same as the hotel I stayed in Singapore 2 days back. Syok!!

Decorations outside my room.

Nice and relaxing view rite?

Late supper me and my roommate went to Alor street. Had typical fry kuey teow.

Then we saw some durian stalls, both of us love durian, so we go attack!!!

Ordered those expensive types of durians. 1st one was very nice, milky and creamy, soft and small seed! It was almost perfect! Labuan or sabah durians can't beat this at all. Totally worth the money. I forgot what type of durian was that.

See,....small seed!

2nd durian was a super bitter durian. It was really bitter and the most bitter I tasted so far on durians. I liked it!!! Also soft, creamy, and small seed. 2 durians is enough for both of us, serious. A lot of meat. Thumbs up!

Next day meeting in Petronas twin tower.

Guess where this is (pic below). Wohooo!! It's the bridge connecting between the twin towers! Been thinking of going up there since years ago but keep forgetting. This time I got the chance as the person in charge brought us pass this bridge to the other tower for the meeting. Glad I made for this trip, no regret at all!!

Another view from the bridge

all of us visitors SAKAI!!

Another view

Public Bank building

After meeting we went back to the hotel for quick rest and free snacks. Then go for short walk before heading back to Labuan on the evening flight. Thank God for the fruitful trip!

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